Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ribbon Art

So I am not an artist. I find my drawing abilities about as good as a 1st grader so I usually stick to sewing, cause my cutting skills are at the level of a 3rd grader. So a few weeks (yes weeks) ago I decided it was time to fill the void that is the white space behind the couch.
I call this piece Abstract Ribbon Art.

What you need to complete this project:
1. A picture frame (any size your willing to tackle)
2. Ribbon
3. Background paper
4. scotch tape (optional)
5. Scissors (1st grade cutting abilities are fine)


1. Take the frame apart, but save the paper that comes in the frame.
2. Take your background paper and place the paper you saved from step one and place on top as your template (if you frame doesn't have paper use the backing as a template). If your paper is from a roll like mine use a few heavy books to hold the template and paper in place.
3. Cut out your background paper.
4. Get out your ribbon and scotch tape. (I have a plethora of ribbon okay too much ribbon)
5. Lay out a design and cut ribbon to length leave some overhand onto the frame edge you can tape this down to keep the ribbon in place.
6. Place the background paper over your design (overhang should still be sticking out the sides)
7. Replace the backing (overhang should still be sticking out the sides)
8. Now with the overhang you should be able to pull either end to tighten the look of the ribbon.
9. Sit back and admire your piece of art.

This would be a really fund project for a kids room with smaller frames each representing different colors. Also a great way to do something with all those scraps of ribbon I just know you have lying around!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's talk

Okay lets really lets just sit down have a nice little chat about how strange my life has become.

1. There is definitely a skunk hanging around my place in the AM. (Please don't let me get sprayed by him)
2. Apparently my bike (bicycle for all you thinking im a cool blond chick in a leather jacket) tends to attract the weirdo's.
3. When home alone I start to eating like a pregnant person (pickles and pepperoncini's on EVERYTHING)
4. I have more drama with school than I have with work.
5. Going commando is just part of life (when you forget underwear)