Monday, July 27, 2009

Yup its Monday

It's Monday which means the weekend flew by! BT and I were busy moving stuff out of my apt to the storage unit (not that I have a new place to live yet). Along with finishing up multiple projects including birthday gifts and headbands. My life has been consumed by headbands lately and I don't even have them up on ETSY yet! I feel like I should hold off on posting them as the economy isnt helping me much.

Ice cream on saturday as usual and BT and I went out on a genuine DATE! I know its been months and im lazy and cheap! We went to see the movie The Ugly Truth which takes place in SAC. It was okay didnt see too much of sacramento and the apartment she lives in can NOT be in sacramento. And if it was I would be begging to live there! We then went to Sweet Water which is slowly becoming a favorite place to eat and drink. Were still testing the waters out when it comes to eating out.

In other news I have a new project in mind with a tutorial. Im going to go check out fabric today and yes it has to do with storage and moving!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One reason to love UCLA Football

I finally have a reason to like UCLA and UCLA football none the less. As you all know I'm not the sports type and I have a true distaste for UCLA (come on I graduated from UCDavis we don't care about sports!). But one boy has truly become my college sport hero for the time being. Ricky Marvray a wide receiver who went to centennial HS in Corona who's hobbies include playing video games and knows how to SEW and CROCHET. All I can hope for is a blog where he shows off his tallents! Yes he will probably be made fun of but hell he has one more tallent than most of the boys on the team who cant sew a button on!

On an aside this by no means that I will be watching football games for him unless he sews and crochets on the sidelines!

Back from the wilderness

Well we made it back alive and in one piece. Camping was a lot of fun. And the Sleeping Sac's I made worked like a charm! While the others struggled the morning of clean up all I did was stuff and there was room to spare. I do have to say camping was more enjoyable than I remember. We literally sat around camp all day eating food and going off on little adventures to the beach. One of the really enjoyable thing was the weather. Here in Sac we have been experiencing 90-100+ degree's of heat a day. Too hot if you ask me but we headed down south to lovely 60-70's. It was glorious until we had to head back. All in all I think BT and I are ready for our next adventure in camping. Once I have a few minutes at home I'll post some pictures.

As for Crafting news im finishing up some skirts (yup I've moved on to clothing), doing some embroidery with the machine for my mom, and making headbands from some family friends. Yup I'm busy as usual ill try to share some pictures later this week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Diet Soda

When did a diet soda become my desert at lunch? What happened to cookies?


Its official I'm done done done with Fiscal Close!!! No more running around getting my ledgers to look pretty and clean. It's over no more Debby downer Noelle. But I'm guessing you would want to know more about my weekend?

Saturday was farmers market and then BBQ with the Canadians. We went to a place in Woodland called Ludy's its some of the best BBQ around and has some awesome decor. Pigs and cows on the ceiling the the Sistine Chapel and cowboy furniture. After dinner we went to Bernardo's in Davis where the boys proceeded to have Wiki's while K and I walked around town and then looked at office furniture. I'm trying to replace my desk that I bought at Ikea 3 to 4 years ago its time to upgrade and get better quality. Im looking for a corner unit which are so hard to find especially the size I would want. It's going to take a while so for now its just the thrill of the hunt. After the boys got good and sloshed we all went our seperate ways.

Sunday was just as busy with a trip to costco to get ready for camping. Ah camping one of those things my parents refused to do. I am hoping we have fun and enjoy it as its the cheapest form of vacation I can find right now. We also went to Ikea to look around. Now dont get me wrong Ikea is cool and fun but I can never get out of there in an hour. Its visual overload there and I want to make my house look as cool as they make there little rooms look. But then I remeber I dont want to have Ikea furniture as the basis of my home decor. It used to be such better quality then something happened (consumerism?) and it just havent been the same. The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch with me passed out while BT watched Harry Potter (I think were going to see it tonight and no I haven't read the books I'm taking one for the team). Other than that not much crafting I did start two more skirts which I should really attempt to get done before we go camping. UGH not enough time in the day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lemon Basil Ice cream

Who would have thought that Lemon Basil Ice Cream would be amazing?? It is one of the Farmers Market flavors I sell for the Davis Creamery on Saturdays and its to DIE for!!! Chop up some basil juice from some lime make a vanilla base and tada you have bliss in a bowl. Next up I think were gonna try mojito ice cream.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer What Summer?

Well the "lazy" days of summer are passing by like a freight train! Work has been well consuming lately so today I'm catching up on the blog. I got a nifty new Serger this past weekend and I got it on Craigslist. I have to say I was skeptical at first but the machine ran like a charm and was only $150 bucks. Ive got it working really well and to be honest best purchase of the year so far (besides the frustration of trying to thread the damn thing).

With this machine as new inspiration I was able to get started on a project and finish it in one yes one night! I present to you a B-day gift for my Mother who doesn't read my blog. Blasphemy I know. Heck even BT's mom reads my blog and complains when I don't post enough (thanks!).

Its a skirt with some embroidery on it to give it a little something extra. I hope she likes it but its not the only thing she is getting. I'll have to take some pictures with it on. BT wants me to make one for myself now.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I've got a case of the Monday's. Fiscal close is close to over but its still lingering. Oooh i forgot the big news that doesn't make this such a Debby downer moment. I bought a Serger! Yup its gonna be an adventure with pictures of course.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

National Hotdog and Hamburger day!

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!

Its officially hot dog and hamburger day. I am taking full advantage BT is preparing Shannon and I are eating! Yup its gonna be GREAT!

Have fun out there and be safe I don't want to find out any of you are missing appendages.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well this weekend passed by (and half the week) in a flash. Its been very busy around here with my mom visiting and fiscal close happening at work. I've finally reached the point where I can see straight! With that I've also caught up on my movie watching. My mom and I went to see the Proposal with Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White who stole the show!!! It was SOOOOO funny and Ryan Reynolds is HOT. Even good for the guys! Next was Disney's UP it was also very good and fun. Both my mom and I walked out commenting on how the old man looks and acts kinda like my grandpa (stubborn). Lastly there was Transformers. It was also good but too long. I also felt like I was on visual overload with all the explosions. I'm officially caught up on movies for now, unless it reaches 112degrees again then we will be back at the movie theater. Okay back to my regular schedule work GMAT (yup I'm back on the studying trails) gym and some crafting.