Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleep Over Sac Photos

If anyone would like to send me photos of there Sleep Over Sac I would LOVE IT! I will post them on my blog for everyone else to see as well!!!

Happy Weekend its 8:30 and about 80 outside its gonna be a hot one!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep Over Sac

BT and I are in the process of gathering up camping supplies, in particular sleeping bags. So I searched and then one day on Woot they had a deal 2 summer sleeping bags for $20 bucks! This was right up my alley because I’m not going to camp in the winter (no way no how!) and were not exactly the hiking sleeping on the floor type. So I snagged them! They arrive yesterday and were in these perfectly little bags or sac’s.

Well I couldn’t wait to see the sleeping bag so I took it out and inspected. Then it cam back to stuffing them into the tiny little sacs, I officially failed! BT took a shot at it and failed as well (plus the bags aren’t made all that well).

We arrived at the conclusion there was no way we could get them back in and that it was a perfect opportunity for me to be crafty. So here I present the Sleep Over Sac. Big enough for the sleeping bag, PJ’s, Tooth Brush, and some other essentials. I would have loved to have this as a kid perfect for the My Little Pony Sleeping bag I had as a kid. The other advantage of this is that kids can actually get the sleeping bag in the bag cause its oversized!

The directions are pretty simple I finished 2 in about and hour. I’ve made the directions so you can measure your own sleeping bags and make the bag. One thing you may want to be familiar with if you don’t have a Serger is French Seams. If not no worries I will walk you through it!


Fabric (this will depend on the size of your sleeping bags ours were pretty small so half to three quarts of a yard were used.

String/Ribbon and Clip (I reused the string and the clip from the bags we originally got)


Sewing Machine

Scissors, Pinking Shears, and Rotary cutter if you have one


Iron and Ironing Board (this is a MUST!!!)

Safety pin (a small one)

(You could also plan to add ribbon or ric-rac in the process as well. Another option would be to do some hand/Machine embroidery on the bag especially if you have kids)


First things first get out that Ruler and the sleeping bag you plan to make a new bag for. Roll up the sleeping bag as best as you can so you can get the measurements of the cylinder shape.

Here are the measurements you will need

  1. Height + Radius of top of bag (Remember radius is ½ the diameter see geometry does come back to haunt you!)
  2. Diameter of the bottom
  3. Width of the Ribbon/String you will be using (if string just follow my directions)

My Measurements were as follows:

Height + Radius = 13+3 = 16inches Diameter of bottom = 6inches

From this we create the new measurements now this is where you have to get a little inventive on your own:

First increase the Diameter of the bottom by at least 1.5 inches (I increased by 3.5 and found a 9.5 round plate) . Use this to make the circular pattern piece for the bottom (I traced the plate on the fabric I had)

Second you have to calculate the Circumference of the circle which is Pi*Diameter or 3.14*Diameter = 3.14*9.5 = 30 inches (aprox) and then add a seam allowance of half an inch so 30.5inches

Third Add at least 4 inches to the height 13 + 4 = 17inches (you can add more to the height if you want the bag to be deeper to fit more items.

With the Second and Third measurements you will cut one large rectangle measuring 30.5x17 inches (or whatever the measurements you came up with)

Fourth if you are using string or cording that is pretty thin you need to cut a strip of fabric that is 1.5inches x 30 inches. If you are using ribbon take the width and multiply by 2 and add 1 inch (if you have ribbon that is half an inch wide then your strip should be 2 inches wide)

Here is it mapped out on fabric:

Now for the Easy part assembly.

First if you want to add embroidery or some ric-rac this is the time to do it! I would add it only to the large rectangle and the circle

Take the small rectangle and fold the short edges over so they are ½ an inch, iron flat, and sew down.

Next fold the long edge over in ½ and iron flat.

Take the large square and on the long edge fold over ¼ inch and iron.

Pin the raw edge of the small rectangle under the flap on the large rectangle. Make sure you center it (there should be some of the large rectangle on either side)

Sew the flap down. There really is no seam allowance here just try to make it in the middle of the flap. This makes a casing for the cord/ribbon.

From here you are going to enclose the raw edge of the flap on the large rectangle. This is going to sound difficult but its really easy. Iron the casing so its going up.

Next Flip over the fabric so you are looking at the right side of all the fabrics and iron the seam you just made up over the raw edge. This will enclose the raw edge of the flap.

You can either pin this down or hold it down as you sew. When you sew it down you want to sew close to the first seam you made (you can do it on top of the first seam if you like. This will completely enclose all the raw edges on the top of the bag.

(Image 2562, 2564)

Now for the French Seams

Fold your bag in half so the short edges meet up with the wrong sides of the fabric together. Sew a quarter inch seam on the edge of the fabric (you will be sewing on the right side of the fabric). Next take pinking shears to the seam you just made cutting it down a bit. Turn fabric so the wrong side of the fabric is on the outside and the right sides of the fabric are together. Iron the seam and sew down with a quarter inch seam. Turn so the right side is out and notice the seam is enclosed. Easy Peasy right? Well if not take a look at these tutorials: Here and Here

Now you’re ready to attach the circle to the bottom. Turn the tube you just made so the wrong side of the fabric is on the outside. Pin the circle to the edges of the bottom of the tube (where the raw edge is). Use lots and lots of pins!!! It should look like this

(You may need to make some adjustments to the tube if its too big. I just add a new seam that make the tube smaller at the bottom and then angle off to the old seam)

Next sew the circle to the tube using a 3/8 seam. Add a zig zag stitch to finish the edge and using pinking shears to finish edges as well.

You’re almost there now take the safety pin and ribbon and thread through the casing you made add your clip or tie a bow and you’re done.

This project can be modified to make a dirty clothes bag, gift bags, makeup bags, ect the options are limitless!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well it was another busy weekend here in Cow Town/ Sac Town. Friday I nearly took off 1/2 my toe at the farmers market when the freezer I was moving fell on it. Its not pretty I'll spare you the photos. I cant wear shoes right now which is really interfering with Gym time. Farmers market was fun though I have some regular customers now and we almost broke $200. I know its not that much but its a huge deal when you make that much on ice cream before 1pm! After farmers BT and I went to Costco for some indulgence of hot dogs and pizza. Yes dinner was under $10 and we were both very satisfied! It was our "off" day from being good and eating healthy. So what else could make it better a Blizzard! So here is an interesting Fact. In Texas they have to turn your Blizzard upside down if they don't you get it for FREE!! Here in California they don't event give you a show by turning it upside down its very disappointing.

Sunday was as lazy as could be. 6 episodes of Greek later I got on the bike and rode home to do some crafting! I know amazing right. Well I could spoil the surprise of what I'm making but it's a gift so you will just have to wait. I will have to say I'm going to make a tutorial for it's inspired from this tutorial but I have a Different approach.

And now its Monday and work time...bleh!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lesson in Agriculture

Ever run across a fruit tree/vine with bags on it like this?

Well its not Christmas ornaments its actually an experiment. What is going on is they are splicing different tree's together to make a better fruit. This is just and FYI moment...

Pictures Just for YOU!

jGrapes...Not for eating but for Vino!!!
Here Figi Figi Figi

Oh Plum
Nectarine? or Peach we cant decide yet
Dont eat the Fungi!!! Although it does remind me of something out of like starwars...

And finally the one thing I cant ID...Its either Peach or a Nut (walnut?)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ice Cream and Miffy

This weekend was a blast!

Friday I worked from home due to a huge traffic accident. This gave me some much needed home time to clean and sew!!! Yes finally a day to be crafty! I made a table cloth and my new apron! The pattern I won a few weeks ago from Miffy! I have to say I am pretty saucy...

That leads us to Saturday where I was again the ice cream princess. Check out that table cloth! Yes I made it all by myself and fashioned the Velcro to get the sign attached! I impressed myself with the handy work! Next there was dinner with the Canadians. BT and I had a lot of fun making pizza from scratch with them and just hanging out.

Sunday was River Day!!! Wake boarding and "Nashing". "Nashing" is just us fooling around on kiddie skis that are about 3ft long. Makes for some great laughs. We just hung out on the river with friends ate drank and were definately Merry!

Weekends like this make life worth living!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red Light Green Light

Remember the game Red Light Green Light when you were little? I do I loved that game! People in Sacramento on the other hand don't seem to understand what Red Light means. Almost every day I see someone run a blatant Red Light. The light is so red I could be half way through the intersection before I get hit. I don't know if the Yellow's are quick or what but running Red Lights in Sacramento just seems to be a way of life. And no I wont be running any Red lights any time soon (the tickets cost about $375 and I'm cheap!!!).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Basketball Jones I gotta Basketball Jones

So last night I made it through watching 1/2 of the Lakers Vs Magic Game 4 with BT. He is currently sitting behind me helping me write my first sports critique since I don't know the players names!

The first 1/2 of the game was all in the hands of the Magic (who the hell came up with that name?). But before I even get into the game I should mention the kindergarten choreography used by the magic at the beginning of the game. Girls with red capes and a mascot were lowered by cables from the ceiling to the floor and that was about all of the intro show. And the mascot looks like Barney on steroids with wings what is so magical about that?

Okay back to the game. To be honest there isn't going to be much in this post about the game but really the many many weird and unsightly events that took place in the first half.

1. Arm Condoms. Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Mickaeal Pietrus, and Tony Battie were all wearing what I like to "Arm Condoms" and only to protect one arm. BT said it was due to Allen Iverson who wears it due to Gang Tats which the League prohibits (or Bursitis which seems well kinda unlikely). Now I'm not to sure but I'm thinking they are trying to have a fashion contest with who has the best Arm Condom. Dwight Howard hands down wins! His was decorated with Silver lines looking like Lightening or Duct Tape.

2. Man Humping. What is up with the man humping? Guys are so worried about looking gay but they slap each other on the ass when they hit a good shot. Well now there is some obvious man humping going on. Lamar Odom and Jameer Nelson got tangled up to the point one was on top of the other. The next thing I see is some raunchy defense where the offense is deliberately bending over putting is butt against the crotch of the defense. What is going on here people??? I thought the defense was about "Stopping Penetration" not causing it right Phil?

3. That's what she said. Phil Jackson has more than one that's what she had moment but the best was when he was talking to the team repeatedly telling them "we need to work on stopping easy penetration". I immediately heard this and said "that's what she said".

4. When did the magic hire Ron Jeremy as there coach? Bold move if i do say so myself.

5. Dwight Howard is HOT. He may have an abnormally small head but his Amazing Body makes up all the difference for it. BT reminded me that he is 6'11" tall and I would look like a small child next to him so I guess that dream is over.

Overall I made it through 1/2 the game. BT came in at about 10 to tell me the Lakers won and I rolled over and went back to bed. Don't worry I won't be blogging for a while about sports it will be back to crafts and girlie stuff!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Thanks to my mother and some friends I'm officially sucked into the Twilight saga. I'm 1/2 way through the first book and to be honest I don't want to put it down! Ahh high school romance...