Thursday, August 6, 2009

Comforter Bag

I thought it was time for another tutorial. This one is quick and dirty (okay not dirty but its quick). Some of us live in area's where there is a need for winter bedding. I am in one of those area's. Yes I know what your saying "but you live in California", yes this is true but this is northern California. In the winter it rains and is COLD!!!! So I have a comforter for the winter which is very bulky to keep me and my toes nice and toasty. Well the plastic bag it came in has decided its had enough and ripped and is not exactly doing its job of keeping the dust off.

I was left to come up with a solution so 1 1/4 yard of fabric, Velcro, and a sewing machine later. I had this...

A nifty bag for my comforter (Twin Size) that subsequently is a great decorative pillow item for BT's bed.

So here is a quick tutorial to make a bag for those winter comforters or whatever else you want to pack away.


1. 1 1/4 yard fabric (i used decorator fabric because its heavier but and old sheet would do or just plain quilters fabric.)If you are doing this for a comforter larger than a Twin you will want to add more yardage.
2. 1 1/4 yard of Velcro any width I used left overs (you need the two pieces of Velcro that make it "stick" together rough and soft pieces)
3. Thread
4. Sewing Machine.
5. Pinking Shears

The steps
Iron the fabric to get out folds

Remove all but 1/4 of the selvage. This is considered the long side of the fabric.

You want to make a finished edge. turn fabric over so the wrong side of the fabric is facing you. Now fold down the 1/4 inch of selvage you left on the edge and iron flat.

Now fold under again (aprox 1/5-4 inch) so that the raw edge is encased and iron flat you can also pin down if you like.

Now you need to sew down the finished edge. I make my stitch go down the center of the finished seam.

Velcro Strips are next. You want to attach then to the wrong side of the fabric on top of the finished edge you just created. Sew down on both edges of the Velcro so it wont pull off over time.

Now fold the fabric in half so the right sides are together and the Velcro should be at the opposite side of the fold at the top. (in photo Velcro is at top and the fold edge is at the bottom)

Sew down the side edges with a 1/4 or 1/2 inch seam. Use Pinking Shears or a Serger to finish off seams. Turn right side out and your done!

Put comforter in the bag and now you have something to store or show off! Great project for a kids room , a basement or even your bed


  1. Great tutorial....great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such a great idea!!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

  3. This is so simple and clever! I love the idea of masquerading the winter comforter as a pillow that is out and about year round.