Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give Away

The give away is still going on you can find it HERE!

Birds Trees Flowers and Bees

Photos from the week. Enjoy!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Crock Pot Deux

Dear Crock Pot

First off I would like to thank you for not burning down my apartment, but instead making it smell wonderful! The dinner was great thanks for all the hard work.


PS Thanks for all the comments from you bloggers I have more faith in the Crock Pot. Anyone got a good recipe they would want to share with a CPB (Crock Pot Beginner)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Crock Pot

Dear Crock Pot,

Please don't burn down my apartment.


PS Can you tell this is my first Crock Pot experience and I'm paranoid??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Speaking of Angles and Demons

I love Dan Brown. Yes I've read every book and I did it in 2 weeks! The movies for me are a little less desirable. Da Vinci code was good (I cant really say to much about it its been a while), but Angles and Demons hit me like a ton of bricks. It missed about 80% of the book with the key idea and story. If you have read the book I'm sure you noticed the movie was a little off.

BT and I went last Saturday he loved it (he hasn't read the book) I left steaming about how it didn't follow the book. Now I know they don't cross the T's and Dot the i's in most movies when it comes to being exact but A&D completely left the book in the dark and did away with 1/2 the content that made the book so much more interesting. Better yet they made it seem like Angles and Demons actually came after Da Vinci Code. And they nixed my favorite character Max Kholer! Yes I'm upset. But for all of you non readers out there I will say go read the Book its so much better and has a much better story line. Plus I think Robert Langdon is a little younger in the book sexier too!

I have more to say but im seething as is so ill stop. Go read the book!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yes I've been a little AWOL lately then I went on Vacation. But I'm back and I'm attempting to wrap my mind around some stuff to tell you about one of which is Angles and Demons. Ill let you know right now I HATED it and it probably didn't help that I just re-read the book. Oh well more on that later right now catch up at work but hopefully something tonight!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Give Away!

Okay since I had a lot of visits and a few comments on the baby blanket/piping tutorial I thought it would be perfect for giving away a baby blanket! Plus Sew Mama Sew is having a international give away day so I thought I needed to join in!

I made it exactly how the tutorial goes. Its so soft made out of flannel I think it could be a little boy's or girls to be honest since it has some flowers on it. Its about 37"x37" so an adult could use it to as a lap blanket (hey I've done it). Next I guess you might want to know the rules??

Well to be honest I have been in such a music mood lately I'd like to hear your favorite lyric from a song, along with title and artist.
Example: "Tell your boy friend that if he's got beef that I'm a vegetarian and I'm not scared of him" Don't Trust Me by 3Oh3!

You must leave your favorite quote by Midnight on May 31, 2009 Pacific Standard Time.

The winner or winners depending on how this pans out will be picked by BT and myself by reviewing the quote for best one. So be creative in you quotes from music and yes if your the winner we will be downloading the song to make sure the lyric is actually in the song!

Oh and the best can enter up to 3 times so if you cant choose your favorite you have some wiggle room!

The winner/winners items will be shipped by June 3 and YES I will ship internationally!

Good luck and may the best lyric win!

Oh and check back on June 1 for the winner!

Monday, May 18, 2009

BT did Good

Well As most of you know I shared my b-day last weekend. Well this weekend it was all MINE! And BT went to the LIMIT for it as well. I knew we were going to go out to dinner that night but I was unaware of the surprises in store. So I guess I should just start from the beginning.

We got up early on Saturday because I was going to a craft fair to sell. It was hot hot hot but I did meet some people there who gave me some great advice. I dint make much but it was enough to keep me happy. After that BT took me home and said to get ready for dinner at 6:30 while he ran around doing erands that I was not to ask about (did I mention my ability to guess my gifts and suprises before they happen hence the no questions rule).

6:30 roled around I was dressed wearing heals and makeup (I know amazing right since I dont even wear makeup to work!). We got in the car and headed to Midtown to one of my favorite resturants, Il Fornaio. We got there walked in told them we had a reservation. They took us to the table where the first person I saw was Elliot (my coworkers husband) and then his wife Karen (my coworker). It took a few seconds but then I looked at the entire table and it was filled with all of my friends. Yes it was a Suprise Bday! I was in shock the entire time. I couldnt believe he had pulled the entire thing off all by himself. After a long dinner with drinks and friends we headed back to BT's house for drinks and CupCakes!!! We were up late just chating and played a little guitar hero. All in all he did good jewlery and a suprise party.

Oh and if you are wondering I'm still celebrating my bday next weekend im home with my family celebrating!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Give Away

Hmm...I think its time for another Give Away...stay tuned


Twitter oh Twitter. Over the past week I have been attempting to use Twitter with no luck. I can't find anyone I know, even when they let me know there screen name. Then there is the fact that I haven't become addicted to it and felt the need to tell the world my every move. Maybe it is because the day job gets in the way and I have a cell phone that only has a phone (yup no text messaging, no internet, basic old cell phone I'll tell you about that another time). You know the saying TMI (too much information) that's Twitter. To be honest I dont need to know everything. There are some things that I just dont want to know. I think im getting old...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just another Day...

Monday runs over you like a freight train...then there is the rest of the week...ugh

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day and Quarter of a Century Club

Happy Mothers day to all you MOM's. I know my mother is celebrating a little extra today because her little girl made it to the Quarter of a Century Club (well technically not till about 11:50 tonight). Yes, that's right I have to share my day with All the mothers of the world (unless your in ireland where they celebrate mothersday in march then im not sharing). Its not so big of deal but sometimes I feel like being selfish and saying NO no Mothers day! Noelle's DAY!!! But that would be wrong and selfish. So I'll suck it up and share! Really its not that bad cause there is always a ton of food and family which means PRESENTS. Yes im 100% for the commercialization of birthdays! Getting a present's is the BEST thing in the World especially when I dont know what they are. BT did a good job of that this year when I was expecting a new Ipod for running I got a little blue box. And any girl reading this right now knows exactly what little blue box im talking about. If not here is a clue!Yup I was suprised to say the least and he did a perfect job adding to my heart collection! Oh and I'm sure your wondering what I got my mother. Dont worry I did pretty well this year sending her on a shopping spree to Bloomies! Yup probably her favorite store in the mall because of there sales where she picks up tshirt that were originally $100 buckaroo's for the low low price of $20 dont ask me how she does it but every time we go there she comes away with the deal!

So Happy Mothersday and Happy Birthday to all of you who have to share this day!

Friday, May 8, 2009


You know those moments when you feel so overwhelmed you just don't know where to start?

I'm There

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was a whirl wind day with my sewing machine foot breaking (had an extra one Thanks MOM!) running around for a Cinco de Mayo Party at work and then finally sewing class. Yes I'm taking a sewing class. I decided it was time to refine my skills a little and its great. I get to ask questions and get answers instead of searching the web. Here is some eye candy of the food we was delicious I even had left overs for Breakfast.

Were Veggie people can you tell? Yes we had enchilada's and yes that is Flan in the first photo. It was all Amazing!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Blanket-Finishing up

We're at the final stretch. I hope it has been an easy project. So to finish up we need to sew all the layers together. This is easier said than done so get your piped binding, front and back pieces of the blanket, lots of pins, an open space on the floor and about an hour to complete this part.

First off lay your Chenille piece right side up on the floor (soft surface of fabric should be face up). Take your cotton fabric and place it right side down and match all your corners.
Now for the piped binding. When you made it you should have about a 1/4 inch of fabric (rough edge) and then the piping (finished edge) this is approximate depends on the size of cording you used. Now you want place the piped binding in between the layers of the fabric and pin it so all 3 edges match up.

You wan to leave about a 1 inch tail hanging off the end of the blanket (you will trim at the end. You should pin it down from one end to the other then cut it so it has a 1 inch tail.

Next you will probably need to take out your last pin to insert the next edge of binding but you continue with the same method leaving a 1inch tail at each end.

Now you are ready to sew! You want to again have your zipper foot on your machine and this time you want to start in the middle of one of the edges. Place the foot with the needle right next to the piped binding. You will need to use your fingers to feel around for it. You want the needle to go in right next to it just like when we made the binding.

(note the photo below is bad the chenille side should be face up under the food OOPS)

Sew all the way down the edge and over the next edges binding till you get to the corner back stitch and then turn your work and find the edge of the piped binding. Sew all along the next 3 edges going over all the way to the corner and then turning your work and restarting your stitches. Now when you get back to the edge you started on you want to leave a 4-6inch space so you can turn the work so stitch the edge closed until you get about 4-6inches from where you started. Remember to back stitch!

*A note before you start. I sew with the chenille side up. Why because its stretchy and I find i actually have to make adjustments as i sew it down as to not get puckering or the fabric to fold over on itself. Just be patient with it it will turn out great even with the adjustments

Now you have your blanket and you should trim off the excess binding (ie the 1-inch you left on each corner) you can also trim the edges down if you like leaving a smaller edge (i left mine at 1/4).

Next turn that bad boy so you can see the outside!!! OOh AAAhh look at the pretty binding! Make sure to push out those corners as much as possible!

Now you need to sew the opening closed and around the entire outside. The best way to do this is to iron then pin the opening closed.
I also sew with the chenille side up again and with the zipper foot. You want it to be pretty close to the edge as to catch all 3 of the fabrics. Start at the beginning of your pins and sew the opening closed and then completely around the entire blanket. The corners I curve around but you can do it however you want.

Once you reach where you started to sew it down back stitch remove excess thread and look at what you just made! Its custom its cute its a great gift for a shower!

It really wasn't that bad was it?

Remember the photos enlarge when clicked on!