Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Easy Peasy Curtains!

I promise as a Home EC Teachers Daughter that these are super easy curtains. They are great for a college students room or a kids room. They are cheap to make so you don't have to worry if they are ruined by your children's dirty hands or your drunk friend who decided they would make a great toga. These are the curtains I made for BT and are included in the tutorial which is located HERE Here HeRe and here. The two Panels will fit a window up to 80 inches Wide and 55 inch High. I think my directions are a little off on the dimensions (I must have been half asleep when I got the dimensions), the sheets are 102inch x 66 inch so when you fold it in half at the beginning you get a rectangle that is 51inch x 66 inch. The finished single panel will measure about 50 inches x 65 inches. I say 80 Inches because if you want your curtains to have volume instead of being completely straight on the rod you want to make it bigger than the window (it will create an undulation effect like the curtains below with the white trim)

Now if you want to get fancy you can add some extra ribbon ric rac embroidery whatever which is was I did when I made these curtains

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