Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Blanket-Finishing up

We're at the final stretch. I hope it has been an easy project. So to finish up we need to sew all the layers together. This is easier said than done so get your piped binding, front and back pieces of the blanket, lots of pins, an open space on the floor and about an hour to complete this part.

First off lay your Chenille piece right side up on the floor (soft surface of fabric should be face up). Take your cotton fabric and place it right side down and match all your corners.
Now for the piped binding. When you made it you should have about a 1/4 inch of fabric (rough edge) and then the piping (finished edge) this is approximate depends on the size of cording you used. Now you want place the piped binding in between the layers of the fabric and pin it so all 3 edges match up.

You wan to leave about a 1 inch tail hanging off the end of the blanket (you will trim at the end. You should pin it down from one end to the other then cut it so it has a 1 inch tail.

Next you will probably need to take out your last pin to insert the next edge of binding but you continue with the same method leaving a 1inch tail at each end.

Now you are ready to sew! You want to again have your zipper foot on your machine and this time you want to start in the middle of one of the edges. Place the foot with the needle right next to the piped binding. You will need to use your fingers to feel around for it. You want the needle to go in right next to it just like when we made the binding.

(note the photo below is bad the chenille side should be face up under the food OOPS)

Sew all the way down the edge and over the next edges binding till you get to the corner back stitch and then turn your work and find the edge of the piped binding. Sew all along the next 3 edges going over all the way to the corner and then turning your work and restarting your stitches. Now when you get back to the edge you started on you want to leave a 4-6inch space so you can turn the work so stitch the edge closed until you get about 4-6inches from where you started. Remember to back stitch!

*A note before you start. I sew with the chenille side up. Why because its stretchy and I find i actually have to make adjustments as i sew it down as to not get puckering or the fabric to fold over on itself. Just be patient with it it will turn out great even with the adjustments

Now you have your blanket and you should trim off the excess binding (ie the 1-inch you left on each corner) you can also trim the edges down if you like leaving a smaller edge (i left mine at 1/4).

Next turn that bad boy so you can see the outside!!! OOh AAAhh look at the pretty binding! Make sure to push out those corners as much as possible!

Now you need to sew the opening closed and around the entire outside. The best way to do this is to iron then pin the opening closed.
I also sew with the chenille side up again and with the zipper foot. You want it to be pretty close to the edge as to catch all 3 of the fabrics. Start at the beginning of your pins and sew the opening closed and then completely around the entire blanket. The corners I curve around but you can do it however you want.

Once you reach where you started to sew it down back stitch remove excess thread and look at what you just made! Its custom its cute its a great gift for a shower!

It really wasn't that bad was it?

Remember the photos enlarge when clicked on!

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  1. Very helpful pictures. Thanks!