Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mor-Mor's Sweedish Butter Cookies

Cookies any one?

Mnn I love cookies, I especially love cookies that have sprinkles! If there were an AA for Sprinkle addicts I would be there for every meeting. I’ve been working on the tutorial or at least been thinking about working on the tutorial for the camera cozy. I am sitting down and working on it right after I post this one! Since I love cookies and the neighbor asked me oh so nicely to make his and my favorite cookie I though I would share it with you! It’s a Butter cookie its amazing and its has almond flavored icing (yummy). Its very easy (4 ingredients for the cookie and 4 for the icing) and it makes a lot of cookies. You can keep them on the counter or put them in the freezer, which is my favorite way to have them. The recipe was given to my by my parents neighbor who makes them on occasion for my family. So here it is!

Mor-Mor's Swedish Butter Cookies


3 ½-Cups Flour
1-Cup Sugar
2-Sticks of Butter
2-Sticks of Imperial Margarine

Preheat oven to 400°F
Soften the butter you can either leave it out for a while or microwave it.
Mix the above ingredients by using your hands (this is very important!!).
Shape into a log about 1 inch in diameter more or less and cut into ¼ inch thick cookies.
Place on cookie sheet and put in the over for about 10 minutes until they have a slight color (I look for a slight yellow/brown color around the edge then I know they are done)

As the cookies cool make your icing

1-Box Powdered Sugar (16oz.)
½-Cube Butter
1-Cap full of Almond Flavoring (I use McCormick Pure Almond Extract and use the red cap that is used to close the bottle as my cap full)
Milk as needed

Melt the Butter.
Mix the Butter, Powdered Sugar and Almond Flavoring together. The mixture will be very stiff and clumpy.
Add Milk very slowly until you get the consistency you desire (hint: if you add to much milk add more Powered Sugar, but I warn you its much easier to add the milk slowly and get it right the first time than trying to add sugar to get it stiffer). The way I know the icing has the right consistency is to put a knife in it and see if it sticks to it but also SLOWLY slides off the knife as well.

Now for the Fun part! With your cookies cooled add Icing as desired (I like lots of icing). Next add some sprinkles (I roll my cookies in the sprinkles and I also sprinkle sprinkles on top). I use sprinkles mainly to denote the holiday in which I am making them (makes anything festive!)
Now this step is very important if you are going to keep your cookies in the freezer, which I highly suggest! Place cookies on a cookie tray in the freezer for a bout five minutes then place them in a bag. This keeps them from sticking together and keeps the icing on the cookies repeat this step until all cookies are in the bag.

Now sit back relax and have some cookies!

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