Monday, October 13, 2008

Camera Cozy

Finally its here I know you’ve been waiting and its here its finally here a full fledged tutorial on sewing!!! Okay first off please comment comment comment on this so I know what to do better or any ideas of how to make this tutorial better ill update it and make it better! I’m hoping this will be the first of many tutorials.

This idea first started as a case for my new digital camera (which you all know about). I was frustrated with the selection at the stores and decided what they hey I have some stuff at home I will just be crafty and do it myself. I also was looking for a case that could double as a wallet because sometimes you go out at night and don’t want to take a purse and all the other junk you just want your camera and a credit card! This tutorial can be modified to make a little case for your ipod/zune, cell phone, lip-gloss, odds and ends ect. I’ve made a few extra and have been storing my smaller cords for my computer in them on my desk. I will also post a few that you can purchase on my esty shop (Poodles and Belle). So here it goes I hope you like it and I'm sorry if I go into too much detail but I like details I’m an accountant there can never be enough details!!!

First off gather your materials:

Fabric: I used Flannel for the inside and some extra stuff I had from making PJ’s for the boy toy. You don’t need much a piece approximately 20 inches high by 15 inches wide will do (1/4 yard)
Sewing machine is imperative!
Pellon/Peltex R70 ultra firm stabilizer (firmer the better to protect items)
Quilt Basting Spray (you don’t have to use it but I like it better than pinning and I’m lazy)
Velcro and Buttons or just Buttons (if you like doing button holes like me then all you need is a button)
Scissors and Pinking Shears
Tape Measure or Ruler
Thread you can do a contrasting color or match like me
Iron and ironing board your new best friend!
Camera, phone, ipod, zune, or item you want to make a little case for.

Now Lets Get started!!!!
Its Measuring time.
Measure the Length Height and Width of your item (unless its cords then you can kinda make it up as you go)


Height :


So the actual size of my phone is 4 ½inches x 2 ½inches x ½inches (LxHxW)
Now you add about an inch/more to each of the measurements except the width (the width here is a little to small to worry about so I wouldn’t add any where as when I made this for my camera I added a little extra because it was about 1 inch in width)
Your new dimensions for the pattern are 5 ½inches x 3 ½inches x ½inches
(Note: here my phone fits in the case pretty snugly if you want to make it not so snug add more to the L X H. This way you can get a little extra wiggle room)

Now get your Ultra Firm Stabilizer. Pencil and Ruler/Tape Measure.

Now you are going to draw the pattern directly on to the Stabilizer
Draw 2 rectangles that are 5 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches

The middle line will be your FOLD Line (where the arrow is)
Add a 1inch x 5 ½ inches to the top this creates an overlap to completely close the case.

Add another 3inches x 5 ½ inches to the 1x 5 ½ inches you just added
Above is the final product for the template you are creating

Cut out the template
Fold the template in half lengthwise (the longest side) and draw diagonal line from the top of the 1inch x 5 ½ addition to the top of the 3 inches x 5 ½ inches you added.
Now cut along the line you just added and unfold the template you should end up with this

Now you have the basic shape of the case. Here is where I fold up the case to what it looks like in the end to make sure it’s big enough for the item.

Fabric time!!!

Now take your fabrics and place the template on the fabric and cut it so it has a few extra inches on each side. Iron the Fabric so it is nice and smooth. You should have two pieces of fabric now flannel and your choice of fabric for the exterior.
Spray time!

Now its time to use the quilting spray. Things to remember with quilting spray: shake the can for a while before use and use it outside it smells funky. Also above all else you can’t screw up because the spray is made so you can reposition over and over and over again!!! So if you don’t get it right the first time try try again!

Have your fabric face down (ie wrong side up)
Spray one side of your template and place on your fabric
Now spray the wrong side fabric and the Ultra Firm Stabilizer that you just put together and place the other fabric on top with the right side up

Cut off excess off excess fabric but still leaving an inch of fabric around the Ultra Firm Stabilizer

Its Sewing Time!!!

Now its time to sew it all together
Hint: I start with sewing the cozy with the flannel side up which is the lobster print.

Put a stitch at the bottom of the template (the straight line end). Something to keep in mind here is to sew on the very edge of where the Ultra Firm Stabilizer is and the fabric. You want to stitch thru the Ultra Firm Stabilizer but you want to be very very very close to the edge of it. I use my fingers to guide where the edge of the stabilizer is. You can kind of make it out but the picture isn’t very good. Make sure to back stitch at each end.

Take the pinking shears and cut the excess fabric along the stitch you just put in (now you should be just cutting the fabric if you put the stitch in close to the edge)
Now from the stitch you made on the edge measure up 3 ½ inches and put a mark on the very edge this will indicate the fold line from here on out (make the mark on the flannel side since it will be hidden when you fold it up!

Pocket time!!!

Get some extra fabric out I used the flannel I had. Cut out a rectangle that is 6 ½ inches x 7 inches (if you are making a different dimension you want to take your original length and height measurement and add about an inch to the length and double your Height measurement)

Fold the rectangle in half with the right sides facing (wrong side is the side you will stitch on.

Place a stitch along the opening on the 5x1/2 inch side leaving the shorter ends open so we can turn it right side out.
Turn right side out and iron flat add a stitch to the edge that was originally folded (not the stitched edge)

Next find the fold lines on the original template you made and match up the edges of the pocket with the fold lines. Now remember that stitch we did in the last step that edge should not be the edge you are lining up with the fold lines.
Now pin the pocket in place if you like (I personally hate pinning I know there are sewers out there rolling in their graves but I cant help it I hate hate hate pinning so I eye ball it and hold it in place the best I can. Plus this cozy is kinda small so its not to hard to do this) Notice the overhang of the pocket that is fine in fact you want that to make sure you stitch through it later…
Sew the pocket in place, with the pocket at the edge of the foot of the sewing machine

Now it should be attached and you can lift it up like this…

And you have just created your fold line for the cozy

Now fold up the sides at your fold line so it looks like an open envelope. Try to match the edges of the Ultra Firm Stabilizer as best as possible.

Note: Okay here is step for all you Velcro lovers; you need to place your Velcro NOW if you are going to sew it down. What I do is fold it all up so it looks like the final product and pick the places for the Velcro and mark it with a pencil (this is on the straight edge that you fold up not the triangular side you fold down). Now you unfold it and sew down the Velcro that goes near the straight edge (ie the bottom of the template) remember to sew it on so its on the outside fabric (monkeys) not the inside flannel (lobsters)

Stitch up one of the sides and with a backstitch at each end. Then go to the other side and stitch it up and continue around the remainder of the stabilizer (this would the triangular area). Remember to stay as close to the edge of the stabilizer as possible just like when you did you first stitch at the bottom of the template

Take out those pinking shears again and cut off the excess around your new envelope shaped cozy!! This is where you will get rid of the overhand from the pocket

TADA almost done check out the inside your pocket should be firmly secured.

At this point put your camera or item in the case make sure it fits just the way you want it otherwise add a new stitch to make it smaller just remember it will be a lot tougher to cut with the pinking shears thru the Ultra Firm Stabilizer.

Note: Velcro lovers your almost done remember how you added the Velcro earlier? Well now its time to add the other piece of Velcro. Fold down the flap and mark on the lobsters about where you would like to place the Velcro.

Pin it down on the lobster side and sew it down…your all done you have a cozy!!! Whoo hoo now if you want to make it a little more fancy or cover up the Velcro stitches on the triangular piece add a button or some other type of embellishment!

Now for the rest of us who want a button. Pick out the button you would like to use big buttons work the best! Fold up the case with the camera/item inside and place the button where you would like to see it. Mark the bottom and the top of the button in place.
Now get some scrap fabric out to make sure your buttonhole is big enough. Measure your marks and make a line on the scratch fabric add about a ¼ inch to each end and make a buttonhole. Test it out on the button and make adjustments as necessary. I am all for testing out a buttonhole first I always screw it up so I highly suggest doing this before moving on.

Now make your buttonhole on your cozy without your camera in it of course (I’m assuming most of you know how to do this but if not let me know ill put up a tutorial. All sewing machines are a little different)
Next put the camera/item in the cozy and fold it up place the button on top and mark where the button will go with a needle them remove the button and open flap to sew down the button. (Sorry the picture is really blurry it was getting late)
And you’re officially done!! You have a camera cozy!!! Now go out and party!

Now I have one other suggestion…a strap you would probably add it when you sew up the sides but I didn’t want one…if you want to see how to add one let me know ill do another tutorial!!!

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