Friday, January 30, 2009

Ho Hum

It is a Ho Hum kind of day but tomorrow is going to be amazing! Why you ask? Because today is cleaning day but tomorrow 2 of my girl friends are coming to visit! And these friends are amazing I will for sure have some kind of story from this visit. They are both friends from high school and I met them in college. One I talk a lot about in the blog. The other not so much but she is the one who provides the most entertainment when I see her! Both are very outgoing and willing to adventure with me. So lets hope for both of our sakes that something interesting happens besides me making dinner. Other than that this weekend will be pretty easy going (Ive started to count down to the next 3 day weekend which coincidentally is the same weekend as Valentines Day). Catching up on sleep and hanging out with friends what more could one ask for?

Ahh I totally forgot to mention that BT made dinner last night! It was AMAZING he made spaghetti with meat balls and made the meat balls from scratch! I was completely and utterly amazed that he did this (although we had talked about him doing this early in the week). I think what I'm gonna have to do is take pictures of the food he makes and post his recipes (which he gets off the Internet). Might be good for the guys out there to see that they can make simple easy meals that their Girl Friend will enjoy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Easy Peasy Curtains!

I promise as a Home EC Teachers Daughter that these are super easy curtains. They are great for a college students room or a kids room. They are cheap to make so you don't have to worry if they are ruined by your children's dirty hands or your drunk friend who decided they would make a great toga. These are the curtains I made for BT and are included in the tutorial which is located HERE Here HeRe and here. The two Panels will fit a window up to 80 inches Wide and 55 inch High. I think my directions are a little off on the dimensions (I must have been half asleep when I got the dimensions), the sheets are 102inch x 66 inch so when you fold it in half at the beginning you get a rectangle that is 51inch x 66 inch. The finished single panel will measure about 50 inches x 65 inches. I say 80 Inches because if you want your curtains to have volume instead of being completely straight on the rod you want to make it bigger than the window (it will create an undulation effect like the curtains below with the white trim)

Now if you want to get fancy you can add some extra ribbon ric rac embroidery whatever which is was I did when I made these curtains

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Back to Monday or Tuesday

Its Tuesday! I made it through Monday. Monday was actually a pretty fun day at work. We took a field trip to Oakland to meet some staff. They were a lively group who seem to have a lot of fun at work. I also finished up BT's curtains which I promised to make a tutorial for and don't you worry I'm working on it. Im trying a different route with this one with drawing because BT has been obsessed with the Camera. No not the SLR we borrowed but my little Cannon 870. The IT guy at work turned me on to THIS website where we were able to download some scripts (don't ask I don't know) for my camera. Apparently Cannons have tons of capability but the software that Canon includes in the camera doesn't let you exploit these features. Well the download made a world of difference. Were not sure if the pictures are coming out any better yet but it does have some cool features that BT is playing with. But back to the curtains ill give you a little preview on what you need and how long it took me to make them. One set of curtains (makes two pannels) is made from 2 Ikea twin sized flat sheets any color any pattern you want. You will also need a sewing machine, thread, scissors, Iron, Ironing board, measuring tape, and ribbon the widest you can find mine was about 1 1/2 inches wide. That's it for the supplies it took me about an 2-3 hours to put 2 curtains together without any trim (there is al ot of ironing you have to do and that takes the longest). Well that's your sneak peak ill try to post the directions later today! Happy Tuesday

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doctors Offices

Why is it when you go to the doctor they never have good news for you? They just make you feel like your going to die. Can you tell where I was yesterday? I went in for a few minor issues and came out with major issues (no I'm not gonna die). Apparently my blood pressure which is usually normal was way way up. And my weight, well were not even gonna go there but I'm getting some tests done in that area too. I also got to go get some X-Ray's of my shoulder since now I'm being sent to a surgeon (I'm doubting the surgery will actually occur any time soon). And in the end I got this...

A SHOT who would have thought! Apparently EVERYONE needs to go out and get a Tetanus shot. Whooping Cough is back in action in the US so they are suggesting everyone get inoculated once again. The Tetanus shot has Diphtheria which prevents whooping cough so everyone go out and get a shot! Better than whooping cough if you ask me. Other than that Friday was a huge downer learning that I'm dieing. I did end the day on a happy note.

OPA OPA! it was GOOOOOD! Even BT enjoyed it although he now knows not to order the Greek pizza but the gyro which was amazing! So at least it ended on a good note!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekend is peaking around the corner

It has been a long hard week here in Sac Town/D Town (Sacramento and Davis). Work has been busy with cleaning up accounts and making sure we are all on track for the new year. We are still awaiting our budget from the State of California (by the time we get it we will need a new one). Ive peen posting on Etsy like a mad woman and had little time to craft this week at all. This weekend will be devoted to getting back on the craft wagon and making some more Valentines stuff for my tree and of course Etsy. Its been extremely dreary today with rain off and on again (finally!!!) so hopefully this will get me back in the craft mood. This weekend its supposed to rain rain rain. BT and I are going to try a new Restaurant called OPA OPA a Greek place that I've been dieing to go and try out. I love Greek food and its hard to find good Greek food so hopefully this place will knock my socks off! Can you tell I'm ready for the weekend even after having 3 days off for the holiday?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Found Long Lost Love

Found Long Lost Love: Choco Hot Pots

Where oh Where have you been sweet chocolate goodness? How have I survived without you? You make me feel all tingly and warm (no bad day could ever compete with a Choco Hot Pot). A dollop of ice cream makes you scream out my name! Oh Choco Hot pot how I have missed you!


Here are some pictures from the weekend. I borrowed a Camera from work. The only problem is I couldn't tell you what pictures I took or BT took. But for the time being lets pretend I took all the cool ones that are in focus!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beanies Beanies and More Beanies

Remember those beanies that I was "Making?" Well there here! I have some up on etsy I'll be posting the remainder this week!

Resolutions update 1

I though I would give you an update on the Resolutions

1. No spending on Craft supplies: I haven't spent a DIME!
2. Getting out of the gym: Ive started to run 1-2 times a week outside!
3. Gmat: I'm starting before the end of the month!
4. Adobe Products: Well I canceled my class because the teacher never got back to me but I'm still determined to learn more!
5. Eating out once a week: Done and Done now need to try a new place
6. Smiling more: Well I think I'm doing more of that
7. Stop Complaining at work: Its a work in progress
8. Take more pictures: Definitely getting this done
9. Trying to understand the BT more: UHHHH

Sunday, January 18, 2009

January Tree

Here is my January Tree. Soon it will be a February tree of LOVE.

All Buttoned Up Tutorial

How many of you have those fake wire tree’s you take out for X-mas like this one or this or this or this? Or just something you can hang ornaments on at xmas but think you can't have it out for other holidays well be prepared to have your world turned up side down! My tree is going to stay out all year and will be re decorated for each month’ theme. Im getting ready for next month already with these simple and easy NO SEW button ornaments! They are quick and easy to do and can be done in any color combo (trust me you will be seeing more of these on my tree in different colors throughout the year). In face the Valentines day ornaments could be used for February, July, and December!

So here is my tutorial on how to make the

All Buttoned Up Valentines Day Ornaments

What you need
1/16” Ribbon (cost about $1 at Joannes for a whole spool)
Paper Clip

First take the paper clip and pull out end of it so it has a little arm (like in the picture above)

Next cut about 22 inches of ribbon

Set out your color combo of buttons I used different reds pinks and whites all different sizes and patterns you can even use a shank button for the first button. Ive used a standard 2 whole button.

Take your two ends and hold them in between your thumb and first finger

Slide a button in between the ribbon ends and the first finger lining the ribbon up with the holes. (*note depending on what side you place the button facing will determine what side faces up or down you can play around with this to figure out how you want yours to look)

Next take your paperclip and push each ribbon in and through the respective hole on the button and slide it down.

Repeat again with the next button

Continue until you have the height you would like for your ornament

Next you are going to tie a knot

Hold the ornament in your hand and wrap the 2 ends of the ribbon around your finger and then pull the ends through the circle you have made.

You can use the lose knot to adjust how long you want the ornament to hang.

Next tie a bow
Trim the ends
And your done and ready to decorate!

These are also available in sets of 10 on my etsy site!