Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flower Power Snowflakes!

Today was an amazing day. I got up went to the gym went to the indiescaramento trunk show. I got lots of good ideas for what I would like to make next and possibly going to it the next time its around and taking some of my stuff. I even met Pimp Stitch and Pepto Girl thanks to my crafty coworker who was there with her husband. It was like meeting stars who have no idea how much they inspire me on a daily basis. So with that inspiration it was home to crochet a scarf to finish up the Xmas gifts...yes I know I'm done!!! officially done!!! Which means now I can focus on this and etsy. I also thought that it was time for a change in the bathroom good by pumpkin and leaf hello Flower Power Snow Flakes!!! Now this was easy so let me show you how!

What you need:

1 Square piece of paper
1 Pair of scissors 1 Pencil
So here we go

Here is my Square piece of paper (I used some origami left over paper I had)

Fold paper over so you have a triangle. To do this just match up opposite corners and make a fold. (the edge is where my thumb is)

Fold the triangle to make another smaller triangle. Take the corners of the longer edge and match them up to make the triangle.

Now here is where it get a little tricky. You are going to make it look like this.

So take one of the corners of the long edge and and pull it down so it looks like this and make your fold line.

Take the other corer and fold it over what you just should have something like this.

Get your scissors and cut off those tales so you have a really tall triangle.

Now its time to get out your pencil and start the design. You want to put a half circle at the top of your triangle and then 2 arcs on one of the longer edges so it should look like this

cut on the line

unfold...and smile!

Here is another snowflake might be a little better than mine

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  1. how did you sick them on the mirror ??? i love this craft though