Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Tutorial

I DID IT!!! Yes I finally put together a tutorial! It’s pretty simple but it’s better than nothing. I know I promised a camera pouch but this one got into my mind and fits in for FALL. I love Fall the leave turn the prettiest colors and now that I live up north I get to experience it once again! So Last night when I was bored I though you know what that ugly door that my neighbor and I share to enter the top level of the building needs a little sprucing up so that’s when the wheels went to work. I found some extra paper I had lying around and went to work to create this!!!

A lovely door decoration! Cheap and easy. you could use this to decorate cabinets windows mirrors walls any flat surface you want a splash of color on.

So I know its not the most extravagant tutorial but I did a mini one for my bathroom so here is a step by step tutorial as promised and ill get to work on the camera stuff later tonight if I have time.


Here is the best part it doesn’t take much to make this project

1. Fun paper (wrapping paper origami what ever suits you)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil with eraser (cause some of us make mistakes ie me)
4. Tape, I prefer the double-sided kind make the project go quicker.
5. Template if needed. Some of use out there (not me) are artistically inclined one of those genes I missed out on as a child (hence the accounting). So what I did for the leaf was to go on Google and search Leaf Silhouette in the image area and picked out the leaf I wanted. If you get a leaf that isn’t big enough you can put it in a photo editor to enlarge it (my printer came with software that was easy to use if you really need me to I can figure out something easy and put it on another tutorial). Now if you don’t want to use leaves and pumpkins you can always look something else up that will suit your fancy!
6. Some good music to rock out too while crafting (for me the new Jack’s Mannequin CD)

First off turn that lovely paper over so you have a white surface to either draw or trace on the template you have chosen.

Trace or freehand your desired silhouette. Now the pumpkin I made up I just used a simple geometric pattern and drew it by hand. (want a template for the pumpkin let me know!)

Something to remember: Because us are using the back of the paper you will be making a Mirror image so when you turn it over it will look a little different.

Cut out your Silhouette!

Lay it out so you can see how it will look when hung up.

Now its time for double sided tape… now for the first project where I put it on the window I put the tape on the Right Side (design side) of the paper. This way the paper was inside and would not get destroyed by the weather. Where as this one I will put the tape on the back because I'm putting it on my bathroom mirror.

Lastly its time to put it up for everyone to see your amazing creation!!!! Now for the pumpkin because it was 6 pieces total I started with the centerpiece and worked my way out to make sure I got it in the right spot.

Ahh I feel accomplished well not really I've got to get working on the camera case!!!

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