Monday, January 5, 2009

My Cheaters Guide to Crochet

Okay so This is the guide I gave to my BTM (boy toy's mom) for Xmas. Its a 9 page guide on Crocheting and how to get addicted. I'm no expert so I left it up to the many people who taught me how to crochet those lovely ladies and gentlemen on YouTube. If you cant learn in person this is your next best place to learn. These people walk you thought crocheting step by step they will even do a whole project with you if you want. I thought someone out there would enjoy it and possibly use it. Now just a Warning I am no expert in Crochet in fact I taught myself from a book. I was frustrated for about the first month of it until one day it just clicked all of a sudden for me. The Tutorial I have prepared is a good way to get started and the best part is these people took the time to actually put it on video more than I could ever do it plus I still cant afford lessons.

If you didn't find the links the first time Here, Here, and Here it is again!

Oh and on another note. find better videos or links let me know im glad to add them to the tutorial!

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  1. I love this and have bookmarked it for easy reference! Thanks so much!