Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Sew Fleece Blanket

Got 90 minutes and a pair of scissors??

Then you can do this project!!! I know I'm always sewing and crocheting but there are those of us out there that are NOT crafty. I’m making this for a BT to give to a “friend”. Sometimes I think I’m not as in charge as I think I am of this relationship. So here we go..

What you need
1 pair or scissors
2 yards each of 2 different fleece fabrics (you can get this at Joanne’s)
1 piece of paper
1 ruler (you can estimate too)
A cleared space on the floor (I used the kitchen floor)

Lets get started

Lay down one of the fabric’s wrong side up (if you pick a solid color it doesn’t really matter.

Lay down the 2nd fabric right side up on top of the first fabric that you already laid down (if it’s a print one side will look a little clearer than the other but that’s about the only difference)

Match up the edge’s the best you can. My print was actually a lot bigger than the solid so I matched up two edges and the overhang was on the other two.

Now you want to cut off the selvedge edge (this should be located on the two longest sides) and the excess fabric from the overhang. Now the selvedge looks different than the short edges it has little dots on it (its so the fabric doesn’t pull apart).

Now get that piece of paper and cut out a 3inch x 3inch Square.

Place the square piece of paper on the corner of your fabric and cut it out

It should now look like this

Repeat the remaining 3 edges and you should have something like the diagram below

Now you want to fold the edge over on one edge so you have a 3-inch overhang from one edge to the other.

Next you want to cut 3inch x 1-inch strips all the way down the other end.

For the final step you want to take the front and back strip (i.e. the solid and the print strip) and double knot the strips all the way around the blanket
TADA your done!

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