Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Buttoned Up Tutorial

How many of you have those fake wire tree’s you take out for X-mas like this one or this or this or this? Or just something you can hang ornaments on at xmas but think you can't have it out for other holidays well be prepared to have your world turned up side down! My tree is going to stay out all year and will be re decorated for each month’ theme. Im getting ready for next month already with these simple and easy NO SEW button ornaments! They are quick and easy to do and can be done in any color combo (trust me you will be seeing more of these on my tree in different colors throughout the year). In face the Valentines day ornaments could be used for February, July, and December!

So here is my tutorial on how to make the

All Buttoned Up Valentines Day Ornaments

What you need
1/16” Ribbon (cost about $1 at Joannes for a whole spool)
Paper Clip

First take the paper clip and pull out end of it so it has a little arm (like in the picture above)

Next cut about 22 inches of ribbon

Set out your color combo of buttons I used different reds pinks and whites all different sizes and patterns you can even use a shank button for the first button. Ive used a standard 2 whole button.

Take your two ends and hold them in between your thumb and first finger

Slide a button in between the ribbon ends and the first finger lining the ribbon up with the holes. (*note depending on what side you place the button facing will determine what side faces up or down you can play around with this to figure out how you want yours to look)

Next take your paperclip and push each ribbon in and through the respective hole on the button and slide it down.

Repeat again with the next button

Continue until you have the height you would like for your ornament

Next you are going to tie a knot

Hold the ornament in your hand and wrap the 2 ends of the ribbon around your finger and then pull the ends through the circle you have made.

You can use the lose knot to adjust how long you want the ornament to hang.

Next tie a bow
Trim the ends
And your done and ready to decorate!

These are also available in sets of 10 on my etsy site!

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  1. Very cute I will try this for Christmas. I have a ton of hand-me-down buttons from my Grandmothers.
    Thanks my 4 year old will love it.