Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year!

Well what do I have to say for myself besides the fact that this year is going down as one of the fastest years to date! A lot went on so let me give you the run down...

Graduate School (almost 1/2 way done), A New Home (we are here to stay for a while), Fish, Friends, Baking, Little Crafting (thank you graduate school), Building Furniture, New Spin Bike, Hiking, Biking, Running (lots of Running), GYM (me time), Kayak, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), Studying, Group Projects (oh how I love the group projects), Exams, Papers, Work (lots of that), Caltrain Commute, Button Pushing, Building a Planter Box, "Farming", Bicycle, And So Much More!

So this year was busy mainly on the work and school side, but I'm still living. I have some goals for the year including getting back to the blog. There are 52 weeks a year which means I WILL blog 52 times! Minimum (you never know it might go a bit crazy).

My others somewhat new years'y resolutions are:
1. Putting my clothes away when I get home (The boy is not a fan of me just putting it on the couch).
2. Packing my work bag the night before so I can get those few extra minutes of shut eye.
3. Wear my hair down a little more (or something other than a bun or pony tail)
4. Give the Boy an amazing 30th Bday party because he deserves it (He puts up with A LOT)
5. Learn some new skills to apply to the blog
6. Stay calm at work and keep a smile on my face (this is gonna be the tough one)
7. More ME Time!

This shouldn't be two bad but you never know!

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