Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day and Quarter of a Century Club

Happy Mothers day to all you MOM's. I know my mother is celebrating a little extra today because her little girl made it to the Quarter of a Century Club (well technically not till about 11:50 tonight). Yes, that's right I have to share my day with All the mothers of the world (unless your in ireland where they celebrate mothersday in march then im not sharing). Its not so big of deal but sometimes I feel like being selfish and saying NO no Mothers day! Noelle's DAY!!! But that would be wrong and selfish. So I'll suck it up and share! Really its not that bad cause there is always a ton of food and family which means PRESENTS. Yes im 100% for the commercialization of birthdays! Getting a present's is the BEST thing in the World especially when I dont know what they are. BT did a good job of that this year when I was expecting a new Ipod for running I got a little blue box. And any girl reading this right now knows exactly what little blue box im talking about. If not here is a clue!Yup I was suprised to say the least and he did a perfect job adding to my heart collection! Oh and I'm sure your wondering what I got my mother. Dont worry I did pretty well this year sending her on a shopping spree to Bloomies! Yup probably her favorite store in the mall because of there sales where she picks up tshirt that were originally $100 buckaroo's for the low low price of $20 dont ask me how she does it but every time we go there she comes away with the deal!

So Happy Mothersday and Happy Birthday to all of you who have to share this day!

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