Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Busy

I've been so busy with applications and brainstorming the past few days (okay weeks) that I haven't even had time to drop you guys a line. Life is moving along very quickly right now I have MBA applications due soon and I feel so behind! It will all work out in the end right now I have 4 schools picked out plus a few back ups. Most schools have a minimum of 3 essays some even more. Navagating the applications is another big adventure and trying to find all my transcripts (somehow I ended up attending 4 colleges in my career and one was for just a single course). Needless to say my days are very long at work and continue into the night with research and studying and writing and filling out my Name Address and SSN at least 50 times by this point.

Yes I'm dreaming about applications...

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