Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grad School

Thought I would provide an update in the few minutes of down time on Grad School Progression. I've narrowed it down to 4 top schools with a few more still on the back burner. Right now I've been a writing fool about my goals. Funny how when your asked to write about them all this stuff comes out and you have to narrow it down to make it fit on one page. Its been very difficult to say the least (I think I'm on a path to take over the world). Other than that we have 3 new additions to the house. Fogel, Seth and Evan my 3 new neon tetra fish. BT purchased a 8 gallon fish tank as a house warming gift. Little did he know I'm obsessed with fish. I had a 15 gallon tank when I was younger that I bought with all of my savings. It was a ton of fun and I highly suggest it as a first pet. So right now were trying this out if it goes well I might get a bigger tank. Yup I'm obsessed! BT thinks im gonna open a store that has a crafting side and a fish side. Oh the other cool thing about fish is going to the fish store! Its so much fun and there are tons of colorful fun fish. The place we went yesterday even had a 3ft shark!

Okay enough blabbing back to writing...

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