Friday, April 9, 2010

Been a While

Its been a while...okay a long long while. Lately my life has been Work Gym BED. Not much cooking besides rice and chicken because I need something quick an easy. Baking has been dwindling down to very little. And sewing yeah my machine has dust collecting on it (scary I know). But I am attempting to finish a project by the end of the month (one of the ones on my to do list). Other than that the weather is finally nice and warm. I even ventured out in a bathing suit! Im getting ready for my vacation in June/July. 3 weeks out of the country 1 week with the Fam the rest of the time with the Kiddo (ie the newish boyfriend). And where might you ask I am going?!?!? Phuket and Bali! Yup I'm spoiling myself and work even allowed it.

Other than that same thing different day. I did take a break from work and venture out in the fields the other day and got some new shots...I think its about time I start getting these printed.


  1. Awesome photos! I agree that you should get them printed! Love the dandelion!