Thursday, October 2, 2008

7:30 AM

Good Morning Good Morning!!!

Its a lovely morning here in Sunny Davis! My
MOM is coming to visit this weekend for the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch, which I highly recommend going to if your in the bay area/surrounding area. My mother and I have been trying to go as much as we can. So this means that it is highly unlikely for me to actually put together the Camera Cozy/Case/Wallet whatever you want to call it this weekend. Although I have taken pictures and take taken notes so its a work in progress. On another note work has been CRAZY!!! Although who really wants to hear about work. Well I'm still waiting for those leaves to start to change color so I can post some pictures. All of Davis is lined with Olive Tree's which don't really change color but are amazing for pictures (ill have to put some up). I'm also realizing that I need to work on camera skills cause mine are horrible if this was elementary school I would get a check - on the report card in camera area. UGGG. Time to get back to other words got to go to campus and go to meetings :(

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