Monday, February 1, 2010

Favorites #4

Okay do you know how many different pillow tutorials there are out there??? A LOT and I mean dauntingly to many. So here are a few of my favorites.

The Magic Pillowcase...Ive made these before and I love them!

French Seam Pillow Case...French seams can seem a bit scary but trust me they are EASY

Holiday Pillow case

Note: The french seam pillow case tutorial could be applied to all of these tutorials

Envelope Pillows

Easy Envelope Pillow Cover...These are super easy I can attest to that!

Silhouette Pillow tutorial with piping

Gathered Pillow Cover

Euro Sham Pillow

Ric Rac Pillow

Zipper Pillows...yes im still afraid of zippers!

Easy Pillow Cover with Zipper

Zipper Enter Gallery to see step by step with Photos

Decorative Pillows


Pillow with Ties...I'm in the middle of making these for the couch that I continue to promise to take photos of

Felt Flower Pillows

Pleated Pillow...note the zipper and the great link to a tutorial!

Scrappy Pillow

Reverse Applique Pillow

Ruffle Pillows...I used it to make these

Button Throw Pillow

Next...maybe some zipper tutorials to boost my confidence?

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  1. Thanks for putting all of these great pillows in one spot! I'll definitely stop by here when I'm in need of some new pillows!