Friday, November 21, 2008


Fridays are AMAZING...especially when they have a funny story involved. So this morning I was telling myself I'm getting out of bed and going to the gym before work, yeah right. So instead I had a nice long sleep which involved a dream which was well embarrassing for me at least (def not going into it). So I rolled out of bed at 7ish to get my booty to work when I arrived I did my normal routine of putting stuff in the fridge, well I open the door and the most GOD AWFUL smell came running out. So I was blessed with the task of cleaning out old food and by old I mean expiration dates of MAY 2008. What are these people thinking. I got to one container of food that when I opened it the fumes started to pour out you could see them like when you add water and dry ice together...grody!!! Then it was off to the computer doing well accounting stuff. I'm sure your not interested in it so I'm gonna pass on that.

Well by far the best thing about Fridays is...I get off at 12. Yes I know people out there are giving me the look. Well you know what get over it! All I can think about when I get off on Fridays is that I'M FREE the shackles have been removed for a few days!!! AAAH Well Fridays arn't all that glamorous around here I literally catch up on errands and cleaning (oh how I loathe the). First off to the bank in down town Davis where the traffic was more or less worse than LA got done with that to head off to the free way where there was a lovely accident blocking the on ramp so I headed to south Davis to the only other on ramp in that direction. Drove back to sac stopped at Target for Cleaning supplies and got a treat (a new cupcake pan that's shaped like snowmen faces). Then to the uncles to clean up and start laundry (where I'll be heading next to change out laundry) and finally back to the apt to clean it (oh so not fun but I'm not at work!). Well after all of this I headed down town to Sea's candy to get the student assistants a little treat for thanksgiving and then off to the grocery store.

Now this is where it gets interesting. I go in grab what little I needed in the grocery store and got in line to pay. Everything was going great then this group of girls with a 3 year old boy (its always those little boys) show up. They are behind me I'm paying talking to the cashier and the little boy comes over and attempts to get my attention by poking my on the side of my leg. I look down he smiles and starts to walk off. Well he came back while I was not paying attention and proceeds to GOOSED me. Yes in front of everyone pinches me in the behind!!! Well my first reaction was to get away get away from whatever is doing that!!! I jump the girls start to laugh (although you can tell they arn't supposed to) the cashier just looks at me like I'm crazy and the little boy well just stands there with a smile on his face! Needless to say the girls apologized and I walked off still trying to get a handle on what just happened and how the little boy got away with that! Just FYI if I ever have kids and one of them pulls that stunt...oooh man are they in for it and I'll do it in the store! Hmm well though id give you all a little Friday laugh! And remember next week is a 3 Day Week for most of us out there!!!

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  1. hahaha that is a funny story. poor noelle. was he at least cute? lol