Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do you Crochet cause I Crochet everybody do the Crochet

Yes I Crochet...and I'm not 60 year old! I have to say its one of those things I turn to when well I'm sick of the sewing machine or I'm stuck somewhere without one! Here was my latest projects and YES its a Xmas Gift for someone who well I cant tell you but keep guessing. Its made of Double Crochet and is out of an Apply Green and Grey Yarn. Very easy and hopefully loved dearly by the person who gets it!
Speaking of Guessing things let me tell you about my innate ability to guess my gifts weeks in advance to receiving them. This has frustrated Boy Toy so much that he now just lets me pick out my gift and he goes and buys them. The past few years he as attempted to keep my gifts a secret but then i get to guessing and in about 10-20 minutes I've got it pinned down to about 3 things. Well Boy Toy tries to keep a striaght face but that is the give away! I know I'm horrible!!! But sometimes a girls got to know what she is getting! Surprises are fun but so is guessing the surprise! Sorry Boy Toy one day you will get me I'm sure but until then Happy Hunting!
Well in a few hours (yes by few I mean less than 12) I will be home in Sunny Southern California. I'm a little disappointed that its not going to be warm. I was planning on laying out in the bikini at the pool and taking in the sun while reading a book! Darn Weather. Until then hope everyone has a happy holiday and I'm going to leave you with a a few photos of some xmas gifts kind of a tease can you guess who is getting what?

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