Monday, June 8, 2009

Is it a requirment to have kids to be a crafter?

I'm sensing a theme around the blogs I read. Children. I think they must be mandatory to bring out the most creativity in a crafter. I read the blogs and go holy cow how did they come up with the colors and the ideas. Then it hits me they have kids! BT and I are no where near the point of kids (were at the first step marriage and that's about a gazillion years away at best). Then there is the idea of kids. BT wants them and I well I need some more pursuasion because carrying something around for 9months and beyond doesnt sound like all fun and games. Dont get me wrong kids are cute and do funny things and are a blast I'm just not there yet (so no comments about how could I not want kids).

UGH I need my creativity to return (if you have seen it please send it back to me with loving care).

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