Monday, June 15, 2009

Ice Cream and Miffy

This weekend was a blast!

Friday I worked from home due to a huge traffic accident. This gave me some much needed home time to clean and sew!!! Yes finally a day to be crafty! I made a table cloth and my new apron! The pattern I won a few weeks ago from Miffy! I have to say I am pretty saucy...

That leads us to Saturday where I was again the ice cream princess. Check out that table cloth! Yes I made it all by myself and fashioned the Velcro to get the sign attached! I impressed myself with the handy work! Next there was dinner with the Canadians. BT and I had a lot of fun making pizza from scratch with them and just hanging out.

Sunday was River Day!!! Wake boarding and "Nashing". "Nashing" is just us fooling around on kiddie skis that are about 3ft long. Makes for some great laughs. We just hung out on the river with friends ate drank and were definately Merry!

Weekends like this make life worth living!!!

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