Monday, June 22, 2009


Well it was another busy weekend here in Cow Town/ Sac Town. Friday I nearly took off 1/2 my toe at the farmers market when the freezer I was moving fell on it. Its not pretty I'll spare you the photos. I cant wear shoes right now which is really interfering with Gym time. Farmers market was fun though I have some regular customers now and we almost broke $200. I know its not that much but its a huge deal when you make that much on ice cream before 1pm! After farmers BT and I went to Costco for some indulgence of hot dogs and pizza. Yes dinner was under $10 and we were both very satisfied! It was our "off" day from being good and eating healthy. So what else could make it better a Blizzard! So here is an interesting Fact. In Texas they have to turn your Blizzard upside down if they don't you get it for FREE!! Here in California they don't event give you a show by turning it upside down its very disappointing.

Sunday was as lazy as could be. 6 episodes of Greek later I got on the bike and rode home to do some crafting! I know amazing right. Well I could spoil the surprise of what I'm making but it's a gift so you will just have to wait. I will have to say I'm going to make a tutorial for it's inspired from this tutorial but I have a Different approach.

And now its Monday and work time...bleh!

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