Friday, October 24, 2008


I know I'm a bad home ec teachers daughter this week. Yes, I've been crafting away for Christmas but I have neglected the blog. I wish I could post picture of the amazing gifts but there might be someone out there who figures out there Christmas gift before Christmas. I have however been working on my embroidery skills and I have to say embroidery is very relaxing and the final product well let me just say magnefic (I don't know how to speak french or write it to so give me a break!). Other than that this week has been a blur of meetings meeting and more meetings, but today I'm off at 11am and heading too the Sacramento International Airport. Note however the meaning of international in Sacramento terms this meas flights to Hawaii (so how again is this international when Hawaii is a state?). But alas I am not going "International" I'm flying down to SoCal to see the boy toy and the family!!! I'm hoping that some good shopping comes out of this and some amazing food. Sacramento does have great shopping and food but no one can beat the Costa Mesa mall with bloomies, nordies, jcrew, banana, Tiffany's, and the list could go on forever! And as for food im finding in the greater Sacramento area that seems to be a challenge there is good food but not GREAT food. And the other problem I have encountered is that you go somewhere and you come to find that they only have 1 or 2 GREAT dishes and the rest is just boring boring boring. I'm not saying that in SoCal you don't find this but more likely than not you find a place in LA and you either Love it or Hate it those are your choices there no oooh well I only like this dish, no its a Love or Hate relationship. Like I Love Hoff's Hut, but I Hate that Mexican joint by Pavilions (see I hate it so much I don't know the name). I hate to seem like a Debby downer, but sometimes it just comes out! I do promise to post some pictures of this weekend on the blog! Maybe even my mother and I will craft and ill post those pics (don't count on it she has to be a home ec teacher all week at school the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is craft or cook but she still does because she LOVES us).

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