Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diets Suck!

Well I'm back from sunny SoCal. Did some shopping and lots of eating and well laid around with the boy toy! Got some great deals as usual from Banana Republic (2 shirts and a pair of slacks for $60 buckaroo's), ate at some of my favorite places (although DISH disappointed in its service), walked the Rose Bowl, saw a movie with mom (secret life of bee's), and ran around as usual trying to see everyone and have fun at the same time. I'm glad to be back but I'm already missing HOME. Although on a little side note the boy toy's parents decided to "redo" the driveway so the cars wouldn't be demolished by the huge dip that was once there so we had to walk up this...

Yes I KNOW what your thinking what evil people they are to do this to me when I come to visit (I shouldn't say too much they moved a garage sale for me). Now walking this monster of a driveway is a feet in itself, its needs one of the those warnings you see on weight machines "please consult a physician before attempting".

But now that I'm back in the north country its back to work and crafting. Friday is Halloween! The office is having a little shin-dig which I will attempt to put together a costume and participate (yes I have a costume idea but I'm not gonna give it away that east but here is a hint...Think Accounting). So I'm back I'm blogging and life is good well not that good I'm on a DIET. It's those 4 letters that strike fear into almost everyone I know. The doctor said I was Fine (wtf does that mean) I say its time to get my ass in gear and lose those 15lbs Ive been talking about for 2 years. This means boring food and lots and lots and lots of cardio and weights. I dont mind the Cardio but I do mind the food. I'm a baker by nature (oooh that rhymes) and I'm a cook by book (okay now its getting pathetic), so when I hear that word I cringe. So I get creative think up new stuff try to keep it interesting so I though I would start to share my "DIET" with you guys with some of the stuff I come up with for dinner. Now I will place a warning on my food now that sometimes and by that I mean most of the time I'm like a pregnant woman (no mom and Mrs Boy Toy I'm not preggers!). I like to try out weird things and to be honest it never taste bad to me so go ahead and shoot me down when I tell you what I eat. But life is too short to go through it without trying different things even if I do look crazy. So here is tonight's meal try it out if you like

Rice, Broccoli and Cinnamon Grilled Chicken

Turn on that BBQ first (or if your me the forman or the panini pan)

Cook 1/2 Cup of Jasmine rice (or any white rice)
Steam 2 heads of Broccoli

(side note you will cut the rice and broccoli in half for a portion size. I made double for leftovers for lunch and you might actually be cooking for Two)

Cinnamon Chicken
1 piece of chicken (boneless skinless chicken breast)defrosted
Mrs. Dash Salt Free Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend
Ground Cinnamon
(note there is no measurements for the seasonings because we are all different so season to your liking I used about teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of Mrs Dash)
Lay piece of chicken down and sprinkle Mrs Dash on side and place face down on grill
One the 2nd side which has no seasoning season with Mrs Dash and Cinnamon
Grill till cooked
Now with your rice, broccoli and chicken put it on a plate and GRUB!
Its approximately 400 Calories give or take for the amount Rice and Size of chicken

Sorry I don't have pictures I was hungry and I didn't think about this until after I finished hopefully next time!


  1. remember its a liveit not a diet! oh and the driveway looks really daunting in those pictures.

  2. Hmm, thanks for the idea, NAB. I've never tried Cinnamon Grilled Chicken before but that sounds pretty good.

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    I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by commenting on your blog. I work with Stacker 2 so feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the drink. We'd love to hear what you think of the drink! Good luck with the rest of your diet.

    Andy Gerrard
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