Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ahh Visitors...Shopping all day, laughing, eating, having fun...

If only my dreams would really come true! Well Mom and Grandma Visited along with our long time Friend the "Walking Partner". First night we were off to my Uncles for some grub which included some of the finest food I've had in a while then back to my place (which did I mention I live in a studio apt?). Back at my place it was time to fill up the old trusty air mattress with the foot peddle pump. This is not for the faint of heart (but it is a great calf work out!). Saturday it was off to the Great Glass Pumpkin Festival

OOOH AAAHH (come on now say it with me).

Big ones Little Ones Fat Ones Skinny Ones Round Ones Oval Ones Tall Ones Short Ones...pumpkins everywhere!!!!

This was a ton of fun I even got a little present (its a pumpkin if you couldn't guess)

Later that afternoon stopped off in Vacaville for some shopping therapy (did anyone see the new shopaholic preview I cant wait to go see it!!!). After the shopping we hung out in Sacramento did a little working out and some dinner then bed (I was beat let me tell you!)

Day 2 (and there last day here Thank GOD) Its not that I don't love visitors its just they suck the life out of you and want to pack in as much stuff as they can in one day. Well Day two was even more fun filled and continued our pumpkin theme as we went to the Dixon Corn Maze aka Cook Pumpkin Patch Its a world record holder for the largest corn maze in the world (its huge over 40 acres) and then it was the pumpkin patch again larger than life Ive never seen so many pumpkins so here are the pics.

Warts are not fun when they are on your feet...but on a pumpkin they are delightful or at least make it look a little more creepy

Yes its a real pumpkin patch you even have to cut the pumpkin off the vine...they have many varieties

This is my mom's favorite kind of pumpkin as she refers to it as a Cinderella Pumpkin (I dont know why wasn't her pumpkin orange before it turned into a stage coach?)

Family Photo Opportunity

This was before the maze notice the happy smiles and the excitement in our eyes...this was until we saw this!!!

The Corn Maze...yes its big and scary I promise. All you see when your in it is A. Corn and B. Blue Sky (kinda creepy). But we made it in 2 hours, yes I know you would think 6 grown adults could do it in an hour, but this is not the case my friends. We trudged and walked and sulked we even went so far as to cut through certain areas of the corn because well we wanted OUT! We even split up into teams to see who could get out first (my team won but were not gonna boast about it). Here are some more pics of the maze

Children of the CORN!!!!

At this point we should have turned back. Its not a good sign when you cant even see the path that was man made. On another Note when we split up to race my Grandma was with my Uncle and his Partner who got a little lost. As we waited we got a little worried and asked one of the workers exactly whats the plan when our family members don't come out of the maze. They looked at us like we were a little slow so my mother blurted out "we need search and rescue what do you do for search and rescue". The reply was classic "well people always make it out and if you really cant find your way you pick a row and squat down and walk out" At this point our eyes widened and we prayed that they made it out alive because we were not going back in to search and rescue.

Its been crazy at work these past few days and I wanted to at least give you a glimpse into my weekend. I highly suggest going to the Dixon Cool Pumpkin Patch along with the Great Glass Pumpkin Festival. Its a lot of fun and you are supporting local farmers and artist (yes I'm really into that if you couldn't tell)I promise I am working on a tutorial hopefully it will be posted on Saturday. I'm starting to gear up for Xmas (I know its October I'm Paranoid I wont get it all done). I am trying to save some money and make my own gifts this year so if anyone knows some good tutorials or has a good idea for me let me know!!!

And lately some pics from my early mornings at work (I'm in around 7am its barely light at that point)

I'm right next to the Davis Airport they were practicing taking off and landing I got this shot!

And Last but not least...AAH I love the country (well sometimes a girl does gtg to Bloomies, its that shopaholic in me)

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