Saturday, October 18, 2008

Break Time

I've been a busy bee today working on shirts for the family. I know Christmas is far far away but Id rather be safe than sorry at this point! This morning I woke up to an ugly looking sky dark clouds and no sun...its now 3pm and the sun is shinning down on us and the weather is warm and beautiful. I finally have seen fall...
Okay so its only two tree's that are across from my place but you have to admit its a sign.

Most of the trees in Sac don't exactly turn bright red they mainly go green to yellow to brown. But I did find a leaf that seems to be a bit confused and is in the middle of the green to yellow phase.

Also while I was outside I checked the mail to find a package from Sublime Stitching! I cant wait to get started on a project. I keep telling myself that I'm going to learn to embroider i even have some books but Ive just never had the time so for Christmas I'm making some gifts that will require something a little extra. As for the current projects here are some pictures.


Boy Back...

Girl Front...

Girl Close up...

I'm using a reverse applique tutorial I found HERE! Its a very good tutorial I have changed it a little to fit my needs, but its quick its easy and hopefully a crowd pleaser (I'll find out come December). I might post some up on my etsy page if I have time but dont count on it.

In other news I'm going home to Sunny Southern California on Friday!!! Just to visit no shopping I'm on a budget hence why I keep myself busy with projects (hopefully a quilt just for me shortly). Ill be sure to take lots of pictures and fill you all in on the gory details. I also have a recipe to post soon its a low calorie minestrone soup. It is delicious!

Okay well Back to work Back to work!

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