Monday, December 1, 2008

Giving Thanks

Well I'm back! Yes I know you missed me but I'm Back for at least 3 weeks in which I will be a busy BEE! Finishing up last minute touches on Xmas and getting ready to go home for 10 yes 10 days I don't know what I will do with myself besides be lazy!!! But that's the future what about the here and NOW? Well Thanksgiving went off without a hitch! Woke my butt up at 4am to get to the airport for a 6am flight. The best part about the flight was that the student assistant that helps out around my office was on the flight and sat next to me so we chatted for a while. And the best part of all was for the first time ever on a southwest flight we got in early and by early I mean a whooping 20 minutes!!! Who would have ever thought I guess it makes up for my flight being about 20 minutes late to leave LAX on Sunday.

So DAD picked me up for the airport and took me home because it was apple pie baking time! I also checked out my room and found my new projects waiting for me with open arms...SCARFS. you know I Crochet so I decided what do I got to lose make some for some special people for xmas and then post the extras on etsy.

The Turkey was in the oven (yes we eat early and by early I mean 4pm) making the house smell amazing and I was up to no good peeling apples. Now the best part about this pie is the Toffee strussle that you make to put on top before closing it all up. I know I should have taken pictures but I was in a rush to finish to go back to bed! So after making a mess of the kitchen the pie was in the oven under the constant supervision of my mother who as we all know is a Home EC teacher so that's probably why it came out perfect. The crust was so flakey and crunchy not mooshy or soft but perfect! But that was later of course.

After a 2 hour nap...

So 4pm rolled around the family was in the house around the table eating and gossiping. My cousins brought there significant others. The Boy Toy on the other hand was up at his parents waiting for me to get up there to meet some of his family but more on that later. Dinner flew by as usual with everyone gabbing and laughing at stories. Clean up was pretty simple my DAD took care of that! My brother was off to a movie my mom and dad were gonna lay around the house and "rest there eyes" AKA napping.

I on the other hand was off to meet the Boy Toy's family and yes I put up a fight. A very good fight in deed that ended up with me getting a Fun Fetti Cake at the end for my good behavior! Yes well it all started with the BIL (boyfriend in law) AKA Mrs. Boy Toy making it known it was time I meet the family. Now its not that I'm afraid of his family its that they all scared me with stories! So the deal went as follows: To get Me to go to the Thanksgiving Dinner there would be some kind of payment in the form of cake...I went through with my part of the deal and the BIL went through with hers it was a win win situation! But to be honest she could have gotten me to go without cake! but shhh don't tell her that I haven't met the rest of the family yet maybe I can get some cookies next time!! The Boy Toy's family was nice (which most are when you first meet them) he has little cousins which were fun to mess with and had mini covo's with the adults but mainly sat back and watched. By the time we left this shin dig I was pooped!! We went home and I crashed HARD! And the next day we had to get up a little early to go the the Getty Villa for some culture and lunch!

This is what BT considered Culture...making funny faces

The Villa...What can I say about this place. First off AMAZING architecture and a great lay out. I do love architecture so that was the best part for me and the gardens! As for the rest of it it was Greek and Roman/Etruscan pottery and statuary. Its not that I don't love these periods its just gets a little monotonous. Same thing over and over wet drapery, kuros, Controposto poses, fresco's, mosaics, naked men with to many muscles, the stories of the gods. Yeah its a bit much but it is interesting. And on another note those Greeks and Romans sure did have a thing for alcohol and nakedness and there obsession with certain body parts (gotta keep it clean for the kiddies). I do have to say its a great place to go if you are studying ancient art history they even have some pieces that you will see in a general art history book!

But for lunch we went to this little pizza place in Venice/Santa Monica. Wild Flour. It was very good I highly suggest it. We were also on a Boot Hunt for the BT (Boy Toy) sister. We were not very successful in that area! But after the search we went home to start the movie marathon! Which was a lot of fun because we got to watch a few movies I hadn't seen. And the best part was we sat around in our PJ's and ate dinner and Fun Fetti Cake while watching the movies. Not to say that I was not productive I did crochet some stuff and then I fell asleep on the couch! I'm pathetic I know but what's a girl gonna do!

I woke up the next morning ready to tackle the day. Okay I rolled over and went back to bed and didn't get to the gym till almost 10am. I know BT is a bay influence after he dragged me from bed the day before. Well after the gym I went home for some family time where we went to a Los Angeles Kings Game (not to be confused with the BBALL team up here). That was a lot of fun fights and food and hot boys (sorry BT but it had to come out). Yes I used to LOVE hockey and then it kinda died but I think its time to get back into the game!

We sat up really high so everyone looked like midgits...
Okay not really we had amazing seats close to center ice and up high enough to see everything...that was just the half time entertainment

Family Photo OP for Xmas cards....dont worry they wont disapoint (and if you dont know my family or should I say my father he always comes up with creative cards)
After this it was down time mom and I went shopping then hung out at the house. all in all we were not very productive. Which as you all know is not really my style but oh well I guess we all get off schedule time and again. So the day flew by like a blur of light.

Sunday has now rolled around and it was time to head back to Sacramento. Back to the cold and gloom. It was a good trip and I'm ready to go home in 3 weeks already. But until then ill have to sit back and keep going on the Xmas stuff and hopefully make some money on etsy. After Xmas its back to the grind where I'll be studying for the GMAT. I know that sucks even more!

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