Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seat Warmers

So this is a little off topic but what the hey. Tonight I went to dinner with a good friend of mine. It was good to blow off some steam hang out eat and have a beer. But our conversation was as I would call it CLASSY. He works in construction I used to work in construction so bathroom humor is not far off in our conversations. But today's took the cake. Did you know that seat warmers can cause the desire to poopoo? I had never heard of this in my life. Ive heard of how running water can be unbearable when you really got to go (which I believe in). I have even heard about how being around large bodies of water can make you want to urinate. But I have never heard about how seat warmers can cause the sudden urge to poopoo. So my question to him was "So a heated toilet seat would be a bad idea?" His reply "Yes it would not be good". But why a seat warmer? We have all these associations for peeing but not pooing. What gives? I really don't have time to do research and figure this out so if anyone knows please enlighten me.

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