Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I Learned Today...

Well today started out SLOW...yes I know I shouldn't admit this or be a show off but I asked for extra work! And it was graciously presented to me later in the afternoon (at lest I have something to work on tomorrow). But I learned something nifty today too. One of the girls at work is a CR AFTER!!!! I know I was under the impression I was alone in this world (okay I know I'm not alone). She has a great little blog HERE, and she is showcasing in the Indie Sacramento . Which I will be attending on Saturday after a little gym action. What I also learned is PIMPSTITCH is local to not only Sacramento but Davis! Yes small world. Its good to know I'm surrounded by people who are crafters. I'm actually a little sad on the inside that my crafting bug hit me after college cause it would have been great to get a start then when I had time to craft.

Oh Well...I also learned today that you have to do a dpo to access your po but like your interested in that nonsense

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