Wednesday, December 17, 2008 from god or the devil?

Well today I signed up for a class at the local JC to learn how to use illustrator a little better. I do have a book and I'm working through it but it takes time. I'm struggling and frustrated with the books and wishing there was something a little better but I'm working through it and learning lots of stuff on the way through all of this craziness. For some reason I thought it would be easy to learn but to be honest the data bases I use and created are easier but I keep telling myself it wasn't that easy when I started. Stupid numbers!!! I think that I might actually be able to make a few embroidery patterns off of what little I know but that may take a while.

On another note I'm also supposed to be studying for the GMAT. Its time to go back to school. I like business and designing stuff so hopefully it will help me become more creative. This may also lead to my exit from the Accounting world. Yes, I love it but I think there are bigger and better things out there for me that don't involve sifting through ledgers to find errors (not fun).

Can you tell I've been day dreaming again? Well lets all HOPE that I do well on this exam and get into a great school sooner rather than later! I feel like I'm starting down the road to the SAT's again. The SAT's are pretty much my Nemesis from high school. I'm not a good test taker ill admit it i do well in the presentations and homework and exams if the teacher did there job to teach me. But the SAT's were horrific, talk about pressure I think I put so much pressure on myself I just didn't do as well as expected not to mention it took away from my active social life and soccer. I'm hoping the GMAT goes better since I'll be studying for it on my own with no help from a special class since they are so damn expensive! Maybe a few tutors (ie my friends) but that's about it.

Its stressing me out just thinking about it so lets not!

Back to the Illustrator thing. I have been working through a few tutorials in the book and after doing them was able to come up with this

yeah its not that great but I figured I could print it and use it as a embroidery design may be? And so could you if you really felt like it. All you need is a transfer pencil and an iron (follow the directions on the pencil) or better yet tape the picture in a window and tape your fabric over it and trace it with a embroidery pen that washes out with water! If you want a smaller or larger size you can use Paint in windows and open it in there and then select the re size option and make it as larger or small as you would like.

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