Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day!

Happy Green Day! Well St. Pat's day...I made a shirt I'll post pictures soon. Things have been quite crazy around here over the past few days. My mom came to visit this weekend so that was of course Wild and Crazy. I even got out the Embroidery machine and helped her create some gifts for Mothers Day. Then yesterday my embroidery machine decided it was done with me and is now doing some funky thing. I'm trying to figure out the problem but its not going anywhere so I'll be calling the dealer today to see what my next steps are! Besides that I've been working on Towels Towels and more Towels as a donation for the Water Ski team. Hopefully can pull through this and get them done soon. What else is there to report. Oh I went wake boarding (kinda sorta) last Friday! The water was soo warm at 54 degree's. Okay it was freezing I had to hold my hands above head to keep them "warm". I know us Nor Cal folk are crazy the weather gets above 65 and were ready to jump in the water thinking its the middle of summer.

BT took the picture said it was a good one and then I uploaded them to find this...

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