Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness

Well it's that time of year again. For most of you that know me March is the month that I despise the most. March is the one month of they year I can count on not seeing Boy Toy for about 3 weeks due to March Madness. March Madness is probably one of the most efficient sporting events I've ever witnessed with a round robin style tournament (I could only wish for the regular season of sports to be so efficient). But it still consumes Boy Toy's life (who is writing a running diary of the event) and I'm left in the lurch. Every year I am forced (and I say forced because if BT wasn't around I wouldn't do it) to make a bracket. And every year my bracket disappoints me, but that's probably because my choices are not based on the team standings.

Last year my choices were based on matching up the mascots choosing which one would kill the other first if they had to fight. This year my choices were based upon website design. Boy Toy brought up each schools website which I rated to choose which one I liked best. This would correspond to them winning the tournament. After one weekend of seeing my philosophy at work I've come to a conclusion. Teams that were ranked lower have better website design because they have a harder time getting students to attend the school. Ive pretty much destroyed my brackets this year. I'm almost in last place out of our friends because I didn't "chalk" like one of our buddies who is sure to pass me up within the next few days.

Next years Team choices will probably based on some nonsensical idea like school population, graduation rates, schools physical size, Best Colors, or school ranking in general. What ever I choose will of course do the worst in the standings but at least I have fun figuring out how I'm going to choose since I don't follow sports nor do I understand ratings.

Don't get me wrong I love sports. I played soccer all my life I water skied in college and have always been active. I just hate watching them on TV. I also don't understand why men yell at the TV when the team isn't playing well, they cant hear you its not going to change anything. I guess id rather go play then sit and watch.


  1. False, you don't love sports...

  2. love sports...just dont like watching them...(if I hated sports I never would have played sports in highschool or college and i would be a pansy which im not!)