Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventures on Craigslist

So I recently posted an item on my old twin bed frame. Its from Ikea so its nothing major but the adventure I had trying to sell it is probably worth a posting. First off what is up with flaky people and people not being on time. I have a life people (okay Boy Toy has a life since he set up all the sales) and I have things to do. I posted the item and had a couple no shows and the two that did show up and purchase (one only wanted the matress the other only wanted the frame I am still left with the box spring) didnt have it together and were late by about an hour or more and one forgot money. I hate to be picky but when I buy items off Craigslist I show up when I'm supposed to with the right amount of money. UGH

The only thing that made this worth it was the fact I didn't have to dump it or try to take it some where.

On a side note if you every need a giggle check out the free items! Its hillarious what people put up there!

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  1. I hate the drives me absolutely bonkers. I have moments that I think I'll never list anything on there again. Last time I sold something I didn't get a flaker, but a person that had to send me a bitchy email after. So ridiculous! Anyway, just wanted you to know I feel your pain!

    Oh and I am highly addicted to the free items...there is a great elephant on there right now.