Sunday, August 2, 2009

big girl bed

Its official I'm graduating to a big girl bed in a few weeks! That's a queen size bed if you didn't know I've been living 25 years now in a twin. It's cause for celebration and CRAFTING. I'm more excited now than ever designing my first grown up bedroom. No Ikea furniture in this pad! I have made a few purchases thus far and here is to the total bill for now

1. Grey Desk Metal Steel Case $15 at Bargain Barn (UCD)
2. Dresser $60 Craigslist (to be painted Yellow by yours truely)
3. Quilt top white $165 Restoration Hardware Outlet (Im all for quality)
4. Two complete sets of Queen sheets and pillow cases $130 Ralph Lauren Outlet
5. Pillow Forms Euro $23 Home Goods Store
6. Pillow Forms Standard $23

Total $416
This doesn't include the bed (yet to be purchased) and a few other pillows and crafting overall I think im doing pretty well??

So I'm thinking this might be my first documentary in designing a room. I will tell you now that I probably could have saved on the bedding but that is the one thing in life I would pay full price for the quality! Ive had the same twin size sheets from Ralph for about 6 years now and they work perfect no holes feel amazing and are GREAT! So wish me luck im off to fabric shop for the pillows. I will let you know how its going and put up some tutorials for pillows and other fun stuff.

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