Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crafting and Shopping Mom Style

This week has been fun. Its almost over and it feels like it just started! I've been in bed before 9pm every night (tonight I must blog) and passed out before my head hits the pillow. Waking up semi early for the gym. Wednesday my mom took me to a class that involved step arobics and weight lifting. I am not exactly the most coordinated person in the world so I was a little overwhelmed. The lady teaching the class had so much energy and was going so fast that at one point I gave up and did my own thing. Maybe conformity is not my thing.

Next was crafting. The good thing about crafting while at home is my mother does 1/2 of it for me. she has a little more ingenuity when it comes to crafting and Kids. I always told myself I wasn't going to craft for kids but its become so much fun. Kids love color and funky things adult well we are plane and like to fit in. So we have been in Headband Heaven the past few days whipping them up on the Bernina. I have also made some adult ones that are going to be good for fall/winter.

Lastly shopping. Now shopping with my mom is always an adventure because she find the Best and I mean THE BEST deals. T-shirts that were once $80 marked down to $15. Yup I've seen it in person and have been the recipient of many of these items of clothing. Yes, we shop at Bloomies, but I rarely buy things full price (jeans dont count they last forever so I will throw money down on those). So we headed out the Camarillo outlets. I spent way way way to much money but it was worth it got some stuff for fall and winter. Plus a dress for a winter wedding which will be used at a later time for other events (was $225 I snaged it for $77). They have some of the best outlets and some of the best brands! It was all worth it with no more clothes shopping in my near future. And Yes I passed up another LAMB Bag and a David Yurman necklace! UGH need to make more money quick!

Oh did I also mention it hasn't gotten above 80 down here?!?!?! Its going to be miserable returning to the 100 degree heat up in SACTO.

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