Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One reason to love UCLA Football

I finally have a reason to like UCLA and UCLA football none the less. As you all know I'm not the sports type and I have a true distaste for UCLA (come on I graduated from UCDavis we don't care about sports!). But one boy has truly become my college sport hero for the time being. Ricky Marvray a wide receiver who went to centennial HS in Corona who's hobbies include playing video games and knows how to SEW and CROCHET. All I can hope for is a blog where he shows off his tallents! Yes he will probably be made fun of but hell he has one more tallent than most of the boys on the team who cant sew a button on!

On an aside this by no means that I will be watching football games for him unless he sews and crochets on the sidelines!

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