Monday, July 27, 2009

Yup its Monday

It's Monday which means the weekend flew by! BT and I were busy moving stuff out of my apt to the storage unit (not that I have a new place to live yet). Along with finishing up multiple projects including birthday gifts and headbands. My life has been consumed by headbands lately and I don't even have them up on ETSY yet! I feel like I should hold off on posting them as the economy isnt helping me much.

Ice cream on saturday as usual and BT and I went out on a genuine DATE! I know its been months and im lazy and cheap! We went to see the movie The Ugly Truth which takes place in SAC. It was okay didnt see too much of sacramento and the apartment she lives in can NOT be in sacramento. And if it was I would be begging to live there! We then went to Sweet Water which is slowly becoming a favorite place to eat and drink. Were still testing the waters out when it comes to eating out.

In other news I have a new project in mind with a tutorial. Im going to go check out fabric today and yes it has to do with storage and moving!

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