Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Its official I'm done done done with Fiscal Close!!! No more running around getting my ledgers to look pretty and clean. It's over no more Debby downer Noelle. But I'm guessing you would want to know more about my weekend?

Saturday was farmers market and then BBQ with the Canadians. We went to a place in Woodland called Ludy's its some of the best BBQ around and has some awesome decor. Pigs and cows on the ceiling the the Sistine Chapel and cowboy furniture. After dinner we went to Bernardo's in Davis where the boys proceeded to have Wiki's while K and I walked around town and then looked at office furniture. I'm trying to replace my desk that I bought at Ikea 3 to 4 years ago its time to upgrade and get better quality. Im looking for a corner unit which are so hard to find especially the size I would want. It's going to take a while so for now its just the thrill of the hunt. After the boys got good and sloshed we all went our seperate ways.

Sunday was just as busy with a trip to costco to get ready for camping. Ah camping one of those things my parents refused to do. I am hoping we have fun and enjoy it as its the cheapest form of vacation I can find right now. We also went to Ikea to look around. Now dont get me wrong Ikea is cool and fun but I can never get out of there in an hour. Its visual overload there and I want to make my house look as cool as they make there little rooms look. But then I remeber I dont want to have Ikea furniture as the basis of my home decor. It used to be such better quality then something happened (consumerism?) and it just havent been the same. The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch with me passed out while BT watched Harry Potter (I think were going to see it tonight and no I haven't read the books I'm taking one for the team). Other than that not much crafting I did start two more skirts which I should really attempt to get done before we go camping. UGH not enough time in the day!

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