Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from the wilderness

Well we made it back alive and in one piece. Camping was a lot of fun. And the Sleeping Sac's I made worked like a charm! While the others struggled the morning of clean up all I did was stuff and there was room to spare. I do have to say camping was more enjoyable than I remember. We literally sat around camp all day eating food and going off on little adventures to the beach. One of the really enjoyable thing was the weather. Here in Sac we have been experiencing 90-100+ degree's of heat a day. Too hot if you ask me but we headed down south to lovely 60-70's. It was glorious until we had to head back. All in all I think BT and I are ready for our next adventure in camping. Once I have a few minutes at home I'll post some pictures.

As for Crafting news im finishing up some skirts (yup I've moved on to clothing), doing some embroidery with the machine for my mom, and making headbands from some family friends. Yup I'm busy as usual ill try to share some pictures later this week!

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