Friday, April 10, 2009

April Showers...had better bring May Flowers

Well we have had a whirl wind of a week with the weather! Nice at time then RAIN. I'm still used to be a socal girl where it doesn't rain and we have nice weather year round. But the rain does make everything feel really clean especially after all the wind we had last week which picked up all the dust and pollen and deposited it on my clean car. So I've been without a sewing machine all week seeing what my life would be like without it. Actually kind of peaceful to be honest movies and relaxing taking my time on my runs around the city. I kinda like it, but then I start thinking about what I could be making and creating and my head starts spinning with ideas. So maybe its not so great to not have a creative outlet.

Tomorrow I'm taking an embroidery machine class. It will be good to learn some new stuff and what to use when. Hopefully this will help me figure out some of my issues with my machine. If no I'm just going to continue to blame it on the materials I use (good plan). I'm also off to ikea possibly to find some photo frames as BT and I have decided we need to actually put up some photos in our apts. Other than that I will be waiting for the return of my machine and also on fabric hunt. Ive decided I'm going to try out THIS quilt along. If I fail oh well at least its a project I can slowly work on and learn some new skills!

Have a Great Weekend I'm sure you will hear from me soon!

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