Friday, April 3, 2009


My Fingers are my life. They type on my keyboard they help me sew and craft. If I didnt have Fingers I would be beside myself. Well today I got to thank my luckey stars that I didnt break all of them off. You see I have old (and by old I mean ancient could be in a museum on display) windows. They have been painted shut who knows how many times so getting them open is always a challenge. And then there is the closing part. Its seems once you get them moving in a downward direction they go slamming down. Today my fingers got caught while they were slamming down and were wedged between the two pains. One hand I ripped away quickly while the other took some prying. I was no where near a phone and my neighbor wasnt home. I was stuck! And I thought "I dont want to die this way" and I pulled them out slowely howling like a hurt puppy. And the worste part about it is its just like slamming your fingers in a door. There was a sharp pain that went from my fingers up to my arm pits! I would dance and scream as I tried to shake it out of my arm (yeah like that was gonna work). And then the bleeding. Then the cold water because I have no ice and im not putting bloody fingers on top of a bag of frozen peas I want to eat those! Yes it was an eventful day. But im still here and im typing which is a good sign. Although my fingers could use some TLC.

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