Monday, April 27, 2009

Well you know who butters your bread!

This weekend was long. Not in the sense I was bored but there was just a lot to do. Saturday I went to work for the Creamery and did an event at the International House in Davis. Needless to say didn't go so well, but we got some free marketing and I also learned a few things that we need to get and improve upon so all in all it was successful.
Now I know I said I'm working on a quilt for myself. My first full fledged attempt at a quilt from start to finish. Well that has now been pushed to the side for some custom projects for a friend, for mothers day, and for a birthday. As my mother said "well we know who butters your bread". Which is true. the money is a big help though in paying those pesky bills. Other than that im just enjoying the ride of being so busy I cant see straight.

But as for the Baby stuff. I thought I would try to do a how two in steps for this project for the Blanket. Here is a photo of the top of the blanket its not cut to size quite yet bit its getting there!

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