Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flower Power Quiz 1

Okay so apparently I'm really into taking pictures of flowers and or nature. But from this I have been able to devise a little game. So here is how it goes. I post the picture you name that plant! I'm gonna try to make it a little tricky but at the same time fun! Here in Davis we have a HUGE Arboretum which has placards with the name of the plants so why not make it a game for the rest of you?

So Here is the photo I will accept generic names as well as the actual scientific name of the plant pictured below. Leave your guess and email in the comment area. If you guess right I will be in contact with you to receive your mystery prize!!! OOOH AAAHHHH. There's no deadline for a guess so good luck!

And yes this is what im doing because I have little to say right now.

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