Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheaters Never Prosper...yeah okay

Its Tuesday and I'm debating the purchase of an SLR camera. Costco has them and they are a good deal but then I think about the Economy and say NO save your money! The birthday is a few months away maybe I can strike a deal with mom. But onto another topic. Patterns!!!

How do I start this...I'm a CHEATER! I'm letting it out I love to Cheat. Why because its easier and well it saves time so who says cheating is always bad? Why am I talking about cheating? Ever wanted to make something personalized with a name or logo on it? Always seem to reach a dead end to find that pattern? Well I have an answer well at least for a quilter, crocheter, needle pointer, and cross-stitcher. KNIT PRO.

This program has been my life saver when trying to make thing for friends or making things for myself. It takes a photo or picture and puts a grid over it. I know that Photoshop/Illustrator can do that but who has the money for those programs? They come out a little fuzzy so I usually take a marker and clean it up a bit, but it works wonders. Ive made a few cross stitches from this along with a crochet pattern (which I have yet to start but I don't have the supplies since I'm on restriction).

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