Monday, February 9, 2009

Exiled to the Great White North

So it has become apparent through BT’s numerous comments about being “exiled from the southland” and “away from the comfort of my fandom” that he misses Los Angeles more importantly the bruins. His “relocation away from the sports landscape that (he) has been raised in” has obviously affected him mentally and physically as his new team colors are green and yellow instead of the majestic primary colors of blue and gold. And his new mascot can only sting you while the old one had the ability to eat you alive. What’s a Home Ec Teachers Daughter to do? Well I got some inspiration and made his day by recovering his couch pillows in the colors of his favorite team the UCLA Bruins.

This took me about 3 hours and lots of fabric but it was worth it! What was once a tan couch is now full of color and team spirited for the weekend match ups (which he no longer gets to watch but I’m trying okay!). The tutorial I used is from here! It works great my only suggestion is if you have big pillows like these to add a little extra fabric maybe an extra inch on each side. Next I’ve got to spruce up the smaller pillows with some color…

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